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British Juniors Dominate Down Under
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British gymnasts won nine more gold medals Sunday at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney.

Sunday's haul gave Great Britain a total of 10 gold medals at the competition, the first international of 2013. The British men won the team title on Friday, while China won the women's gold medal. Australia won the bronze for both teams.

The competition format on Sunday featured all gymnasts competing again to decide both all-around and apparatus honors. Great Britain and China dominated the competition with a sweep of all the medals, leaving the host Australians without any hardware.

Britain's Tyesha Mattis, 13, captured the women's all-around title over teammate Teal Grindle, 12. China's Mei Jie, 13, won the all-around bronze.

"I am so pleased that I won the all-around title," Mattis said. "We all tried our best and I think everyone in the team can be really proud of their efforts as we had really good results. This is a big confidence boost and now hopefully we can do the same at the European Youth Olympic Festival this summer."

Each of the all-around medalists also picked up an event gold medal. Mattis easily won the vault title with 14.766, the highest score of the day at Sydney Olympic Park. Mei won uneven bars and Grindle was best on beam. Amy Tinkler, 13, brought Britain another gold with the floor exercise title.

China's Xiao Ruoteng, 16, won the men's all-around title by more than a full point over Britain's Dominick Cunningham, 17. China's Wu Di, 16, and Britain's Nile Wilson, 17, tied for the bronze.

Cunningham tied teammate James Hall, 17, for the floor exercise title. Wilson, second all-around at the 2012 Junior Europeans in Montpellier, won golds on parallel bars and high bar. Junior European still rings champion Courtney Tulloch (Great Britain) was victorious again on his best event. China won two apparatus titles from Xiao on pommel horse and Wu on vault.

Previously held every two years, the Australian Youth Olympic Festival is now scheduled for every four years to accommodate the Youth Olympic Games.

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2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival
Jan. 20, Sydney

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Tyesha Mattis14.76613.66613.00013.40054.832
2.Teal Grindle13.53312.76614.50013.26654.065
3.Mei Jie12.83314.06614.03312.83353.765
4.Chen Siyi13.60013.06614.36612.63353.665
5.Alexandra Eade13.80013.03313.10013.06652.999
6.Liu Zhilin13.90012.13313.30013.50052.833
7.Amy Tinkler14.00012.50012.43313.80052.733
8.Luo Huan11.50013.80012.90013.23351.433
9.Catherine Lyons13.10010.26614.00013.36650.732
10.Eliza Freeman12.83311.93312.96612.43350.165
11.Courtney McGregor13.43310.60012.30012.80049.133
12.Millie Williamson12.60011.40012.23312.66648.899
13.Rhianna Mizzen13.06611.90010.76612.36648.098
14.Eden Tarvit13.73311.63310.76611.66647.798
15.Hanna Malloch12.70010.93311.53312.53347.699
16.Franceska Fuchsia12.76611.43313.33310.16647.698
17.Gillian Chan12.43311.00011.56612.40047.399
18.Darcy Norman12.43312.33311.06610.66646.498
19.Paige James12.50010.00011.43311.40045.333
20.Charlotte Sullivan12.90011.36612.00036.266

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Xiao Ruoteng14.10014.40013.70014.55013.85014.10084.700
2.Dominick Cunningham14.30013.50013.75014.30014.05013.75083.650
3.Wu Di14.15013.80013.50014.70013.70013.75083.600
3.Nile Wilson12.80013.90013.75014.25014.70014.20083.600
5.James Hall14.30014.15013.40014.30013.20013.20082.550
6.Courtney Tulloch12.50012.60014.35013.25013.65011.45077.800
7.Christopher Remkes13.55012.00012.80013.70011.95012.15076.150
8.Trenten Wan12.90012.85012.85012.70011.95012.25075.500
9.James Bacueti11.00012.90012.65013.95012.20010.65073.350
10.Scott Brooks12.60011.20013.25012.40011.95011.75073.150
11.Kyleab Ellis12.60012.00010.55012.55013.20011.25072.150
12.Jorden O'Connell-Inns11.50011.70011.20013.00012.40011.40071.200
13.Reegan Edwards13.40010.15010.45011.90012.50011.40069.800
14.Clay Stephens13.5005.55011.35013.30012.45011.25067.400
15.Hu Xuwei13.60013.60011.70011.00049.900

Women's VaultScore
1.Tyesha Mattis14.766
2.Amy Tinkler14.000
3.Liu Zhilin13.900
4.Alexandra Eade13.800
5.Eden Tarvit13.733
6.Chen Siyi13.600
7.Teal Grindle13.533
8.Courtney McGregor13.433

Uneven BarsScore
1.Mei Jie14.066
2.Luo Huan13.800
3.Tyesha Mattis13.666
4.Chen Siyi13.066
5.Alexandra Eade13.033
6.Teal Grindle12.766
7.Amy Tinkler12.500
8.Darcy Norman12.333

Balance BeamScore
1.Teal Grindle14.500
2.Chen Siyi14.366
3.Mei Jie14.033
4.Catherine Lyons14.000
5.Franceska Fuchsia13.333
6.Liu Zhilin13.300
7.Alexandra Eade13.100
8.Tyesha Mattis13.000

Women's Floor ExerciseScore
1.Amy Tinkler13.800
2.Liu Zhilin13.500
3.Tyesha Mattis13.400
4.Catherine Lyons13.366
5.Teal Grindle13.266
6.Luo Huan13.233
7.Alexandra Eade13.066
8.Mei Jie12.833

Men's Floor ExerciseScore
1.Dominick Cunningham14.300
1.James Hall14.300
3.Wu Di14.150
4.Xiao Ruoteng14.100
5.Christopher Remkes13.550
6.Clay Stephens13.500
7.Reegan Edwards13.400
8.Trenten Wan12.900

Pommel HorseScore
1.Xiao Ruoteng14.400
2.James Hall14.150
3.Nile Wilson13.900
4.Wu Di13.800
5.Hu Xuwei13.600
6.Dominick Cunningham13.500
7.James Bacueti12.900
8.Trenten Wan12.850

Still RingsScore
1.Courtney Tulloch14.350
2.Dominick Cunningham13.750
2.Nile Wilson13.750
4.Xiao Ruoteng13.700
5.Hu Xuwei13.600
6.Wu Di13.500
7.James Hall13.400
8.Scott Brooks13.250

Men's VaultScore
1.Wu Di14.700
2.Xiao Ruoteng14.550
3.Dominick Cunningham14.300
3.James Hall14.300
5.Nile Wilson14.250
6.James Bacueti13.950
7.Christopher Remkes13.700
8.Clay Stephens13.300

Parallel BarsScore
1.Nile Wilson14.700
2.Dominick Cunningham14.050
3.Xiao Ruoteng13.850
4.Wu Di13.700
5.Courtney Tulloch13.650
6.James Hall13.200
6.Kyleab Ellis13.200
8.Reegan Edwards12.500

High BarScore
1.Nile Wilson14.200
2.Xiao Ruoteng14.100
3.Wu Di13.750
3.Dominick Cunningham13.750
5.James Hall13.200
6.Trenten Wan12.250
7.Christopher Remkes12.150
8.Scott Brooks11.750
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