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Ukraine's Vernyayev Defends Liukin Cup Title
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Ukrainian star Oleg Vernyayev successfully defended his all-around title at the 2014 Valeri Liukin Invitational, held Saturday in Frisco, Texas.

Ukrainian star Oleg Vernyayev successfully defended his all-around title at the 19th Valeri Liukin Invitational, held Saturday in Frisco, Texas.

Vernyayev claimed his third all-around title in as many weekends, after impressive victories at the Stuttgart and Glasgow World Cup events. The Ukrainian won pommel horse, vault and parallel bars en route to a 90.00 all-around score in Frisco. His high mark, 15.70, came on parallel bars, where he is the reigning world champion.

Japan's Hibiki Arayashiki took second place (88.85) and won floor exercise. Ukrainian Maxim Semyankiv (88.15) took third, with the top score on high bar.

Steven Lacombe (University of California-Berkeley) won still rings with a 16.00, the highest score of the evening.

Ukraine won the team competition over Japan and Miami's Universal Gymnastics.

Two former Cuban gymnasts, Ernesto Vila and Luis Oquendo, represented Universal Gymnastics. The pair defected from Cuba while in Canada several months ago for the Pan American Gymnastics Championships. They now train alongside Cuban-born U.S. Olympian Danell Leyva, who placed sixth in Frisco.

The annual competition is held in honor of world and Olympic legend Valeri Liukin, who is a co-owner of the highly successful World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Texas.

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19th Valeri Liukin Invitational
Dec. 13, 2014, Frisco, Texas


1.Oleg VernyayevUkraine15.1515.0513.4015.4015.7015.3090.00
2.Hibiki ArayashikiJapan15.4515.0014.8014.4014.4514.7588.85
3.Maxim SemyankivUkraine14.6014.5014.5013.7515.0515.7588.15
4.Kazuya TakahashiJapan14.9014.5514.5014.7014.1514.7087.50
5.Tatsuki TanakaJapan15.4014.6014.6013.7013.1015.3586.75
6.Danell LeyvaUniversal13.4014.4514.5014.6014.5515.2086.70
7.Donothan BaileyBerkeley13.1014.9014.9013.9014.2015.3086.30
7.Tristan BurkeWOGA15.0513.9014.5014.9513.7014.2086.30
9.Jordan KingCypress14.4511.9514.3014.3013.7014.1082.80
10.Matthew WenskeCypress14.3011.2514.1014.9513.3513.5581.50
11.Cole CasanovaWOGA13.9013.0514.3014.3012.9012.8081.25
12.Levi AndersonCypress13.5012.3513.6014.0012.6014.6080.65
13.Ernesto VilaUniversal14.6510.8013.3014.0012.7014.5079.95
14.Alexander SychugovRussia12.5012.9013.7013.9513.2511.9078.20
15.Sean JohnstonSt. Charles14.1512.0013.1013.2512.2012.4077.10
16.Rogelio VazquezUniversal12.6510.8513.5013.5513.1013.4077.05
17.Allan Malone Victory12.8011.5513.3013.5012.5510.7074.40
18.Jesse Silverstein US Gym Dev. Ctr14.9013.2015.0013.3014.5070.90
19.Didier LugoUniversal12.9514.4013.159.3049.80
20.Steven LacombeBerkeley13.2016.0014.8544.05
21.Jantzen SmithUnited Elite11.809.507.6012.9041.80
22.Luis OquendoUniversal13.0011.4013.2037.60
22.M. Cameron CallawayUnited Elite10.005.3010.4011.9037.60
24.Kenta ChibaJapan13.7014.3028.00
25.Tyler SchaalUniversal12.5014.1026.60
26.Adam Al-RokhHocking Valley11.9013.9025.80
27.Alex MilnerUnited Elite9.2013.4022.60
28.Regulo CarmonaHGA15.9015.90

Floor ExerciseScore
1.Hibiki ArayashikiJapan15.45
2.Tatsuki TanakaJapan15.40
3.Oleg VernyayevUkraine15.15
4.Tristan BurkeWOGA15.05
5.Kazuya TakahashiJapan14.90
6.Jesse SilversteinUS Gym Dev. Center14.90
7.Ernesto VilaUniversal14.65
8.Maxim SemyankivUkraine14.60

Pommel HorseScore
1.Oleg VernyayevUkraine15.05
2.Hibiki ArayashikiJapan15.00
3.Donothan BaileyBerkeley14.90
4.Tatsuki TanakaJapan14.60
5.Kazuya TakahashiJapan14.55
6.Maxim SemyankivUkraine14.50
7.Danell LeyvaUniversal14.45
8.Tristan BurkeWOGA13.90

Still RingsScore
1.Steven LacombeBerkeley16.00
2.Regulo CarmonaHGA15.90
3.Donothan BaileyBerkeley14.90
4.Hibiki ArayashikiJapan14.80
5.Tatsuki TanakaJapan14.60
6.Kazuya TakahashiJapan14.50
7.Maxim SemyankivUkraine14.50
8.Danell LeyvaUniversal14.50

VaultScore Score 2Average
1.Oleg VernyayevUkraine15.4014.8015.10
2.Matthew WenskeCypress14.9513.0514.00
3.Levi AndersonCypress14.0013.3013.65
4.Jordan KingCypress14.3012.3013.30
5.Sean JohnstonSt. Charles13.2512.4512.85

Parallel BarsScore
1.Oleg VernyayevUkraine15.70
2.Maxim SemyankivUkraine15.05
3.Danell LeyvaUniversal14.55
4.Hibiki ArayashikiJapan14.45
5.Donothan BaileyBerkeley14.20
6.Kazuya TakahashiJapan14.15
7.Tristan BurkeWOGA13.70
8.Jordan KingCypress13.70

High BarScore
1.Maxim SemyankivUkraine15.75
2.Tatsuki TanakaJapan15.35
3.Oleg VernyayevUkraine15.30
4.Donothan BaileyBerkeley15.30
5.Danell LeyvaUniversal15.20
6.Hibiki ArayashikiJapan14.75
7.Kazuya TakahashiJapan14.70
8.Levi AndersonCypress14.60
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Jason McDaniels said:

Great announcer
Who ever was the announcer at this meet was INCREDIBLE! He was funny, energetic and played great music!!
December 17, 2014
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