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Skrypnik, Fraser Win EYOF All-Around
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Russia's Daria Skrypnik and Great Britain's Joe Fraser won the all-around titles the 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival continued Thursday in Tbilisi, Georgia. Pictured: Men's all-around medalists Maxim Sinichin (Russia), Joe Fraser (Great Britain) and Artyom Arnaut (Russia)

Russia's Daria Skrypnik and Great Britain's Joe Fraser won the all-around titles the 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival continued Thursday in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The biennial European Youth Olympic Festival is a mult-sport event for the top Olympic hopefuls. This year's edition in the Georgian capital includes nine sports: gymnastics, basketball, cycling, judo, tennis, athletics, swimming, volleyball and handball, and has attracted more than 3,800 athletes from 50 European countries.

Skrypnik and Fraser were the top qualifiers from the team competition in Tbilisi, where each led their respective countries to the team title.

The 14-year-Skrypnik tied Belgium's Axelle Klinckaert with 55.75, but was awarded the gold medal due to a tie break. The lanky Skrypnik had the top score of the day on uneven bars (14.75), where she competed a Komova II to Pak salto-Stalder Shaposhnikova combination; inside Stalder, inside Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger; inside-Stalder full to full-twisting double dismount. Her low score came on balance beam, after she dropped off on a front aerial-illusion combination, but she had the top mark on vault (14.55) for her double-twisting Yurchenko.

Klinckaert was steady, earning highs of 14.20 on balance beam (beautiful two-foot layout; ff, ff double pike dismount) and floor exercise (full-in; triple twist; double pike). She took her low score on uneven bars, showing good form but low amplitude (Tkatchev; Khorkina; double pike dismount).

Russia's Anastasia Ilyankova won the bronze, moving up one spot from qualification. Ilyankova impressed again on uneven bars, earning 14.65 for her dynamic routine (Shaposhnikova, back uprise full to Tkatchev; Hindorff-Pak; Maloney; full-twisting double).

Fraser once again proved the British boys are unbeatable in Europe, easily winning the men's title with 84.75. He had the two top scores of the day, with 14.65 on parallel bars and 14.60 on pommel horse.

"I'm really happy," Fraser said. "It hasn’t quite sunk in yet and doesn’t feel real. Everything came together today and all of my apparatus work was on form."

Russia was second and third, with Maxim Sinichkin winning the silver (83.25) and Artyom Arnaut (82.70).

Great Britains' Giarnni Regini-Moran, who won both the Youth Olympic Games and Junior European championships in 2014, missed the podium after a disastrous 12.35 on pommel horse.

Competition continues Thursday in Tbilisi with the first day of apparatus finals.

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2015 European Youth Olympic Festival
July 30, Tbilisi, Georgia

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Daria Skrypnik14.5514.7013.0013.5055.75
2.Axelle Klinckaert14.1513.2014.2014.2055.75
3.Anastasia Ilyankova13.8014.6513.6513.4055.50
4.Nina Derwael13.9513.5513.0013.6054.10
5.Zsófia Kovács14.0514.0513.0512.8554.00
6.Ioana Crişan13.8512.8513.6013.7054.00
7.Tabea Alt14.2013.7012.6013.4553.95
8.Florine Harder13.6513.9012.9013.4553.90
9.Marine Boyer13.9012.9013.8513.0553.70
10.Juliette Bossu13.8513.5012.0013.8553.20
11.Caterina Cereghetti13.8012.6013.3013.1552.85
12.Maisie Methuen13.7512.5513.2013.0552.55
13.Martina Maggio13.7512.8012.5013.2052.25
14.Olivia Cîmpean13.7513.1012.1513.1052.10
15.Kirsten Polderman13.3013.0512.9012.8052.05
16.Livia Schmid14.0012.8512.2012.7551.80
17.Diana Varinska12.8512.1513.2512.8551.10
18.Thea Brogli13.7012.5012.1012.4050.70
19.Aneta Holasová13.7012.1512.2512.3050.40
20.Morgan Spruijtenburg12.8512.3012.2013.0550.40
21.Ana Palacios13.7010.7512.6012.7049.75
22.Emmy Haavisto12.8012.2011.2012.7048.90
23.Ellen Haavisto12.7511.6012.2511.6548.25
24.Lucy Stanhope13.7512.5512.4038.70

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Joe Fraser13.9514.6013.7514.0514.6513.7584.75
2.Maxim Sinichkin14.1012.9014.1014.3014.1513.7083.25
3.Artyom Arnaut13.8513.9013.7513.6013.2514.3582.70
4.Giarnni Regini-Moran14.5512.3513.5514.5514.1512.9082.05
5.Baptiste Miette13.5513.9013.2513.9513.6013.0581.30
6.Joel Plata14.1012.8012.7014.4013.8013.0080.80
7.Eduard Yermakov13.6012.9013.9513.2014.2012.8580.70
8.Krisztian Boncser14.5512.0012.4014.9513.0513.7080.65
9.Moreno Kratter14.0012.5513.3513.2513.6513.7080.50
10.Andreas Gribi13.5512.6013.6013.4013.8013.0079.95
11.Kevin Carvalho13.5512.8513.3513.7013.1013.2079.75
12.Dmitrii Govorov13.4512.1513.3514.0513.1512.9579.10
13.Noah Kuavita13.5012.8012.0514.2013.1513.1578.85
14.Ilias Georgiou12.5012.8013.3513.3013.6513.2578.85
15.Takumi Onoshima13.8513.0512.6013.3513.0512.7578.65
16.Luca Garza12.6013.0013.2513.3013.0013.4578.60
17.Tobias Radoi13.4012.7012.7513.2013.5012.7078.25
18.Nick Klessinj12.2012.6013.3014.3513.2512.4578.15
19.Lorenzo Galli12.9013.8013.7012.9511.0513.4077.80
20.Balazs Kiss12.2513.2513.4513.5012.4012.5077.35
21.Aliaksandr Tsikhanovich13.5012.5512.5012.5513.1513.0077.25
22.Dzmitry Hurynovich14.1011.9513.2513.1511.7512.3576.55
23.Kjell Vanstrom13.8012.2012.5512.2013.0012.8076.55
24.Loran de Munck13.2512.1512.6513.4012.4011.8075.65
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