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Written by Christian Ivanov   
Saturday, 24 October 2015 14:41

Team: 1. USA 236; 2. RUS 231.437; 3. GBR 227.162; 4. CHN 225.127; 5. ITA 224.452; 6. 223.863; 7. CAN 222.780; 8. Netherlands 222.354.

AA (after 12 subdivisions): 1. Simone Biles USA 61.598; 2. Giulia Steingruber SUI 57.640; 3. Gabrielle Douglas USA 57.516; 4. Ellie Black CAN 57.299; 5. Alexandra Raisman USA 56.798; 6. Lieke Wevers NED 56.733; 7. Seda Tutkhalyan RUS 56.599; 8. Amy Tinkler GBR 56.466; 9. Ruby Harrold GBR 56.398; 10. Mai Murakami JPN 56.366; 11. Lorrane Oliveira BRA 56.365; 12. Shang Chunsong CHN 56.332.

Subdivision 7: China, North Korea

China had two great routines on FX (Wang - double double tuck, 1.5 thru a triple twist punch front, Shang - 3.5 twist punch front, 1.5 thru to triple twist punch front), but also two falls by Mao and Tan on their 2.5 twist punch fronts. Chen hit, but they are still counting one fall on the event.

On vault three Yurchenko double twists, which seemed higher and more dynamic than their usual, plus a Tsuk double twist by Wang who will make vault finals - second vault (front handspring Rudi).

The team was not as spectacular on bars as they have been in the past (Yao and Huidan 1st and 2nd last year, Huidan 1st the year before that-both not on the team). In addition, three falls on their five routines. Beam was equally inconsistent where they pulled four-for-four lineup, but had to count two falls (Shang-layout, layout and Fan-round off layout two feet). Wang will most likely make a final on the event, in addition to her vault final (front tuck half out, round off layout two feet-standing 4th after the session). She also has an outside chance for FX final.

Hong (North Korea) made easily her Amanar and Cheng vaults and will definitely be in vault final!

Pena from the Dominican Republic sat down on her front handspring double front vault, and over rotated her Yurchenko double twist. Needless to say - no final!

Gomez from Guatemala had falls on bars and beam.

Subdivision 8: Korea, Belgium

Korea hit first four bar sets with average difficulty, but missed their last two strong beam routines for the team on beam. Average floor and vault keeps them currently on 11th. The team still has a good chance to qualify for the test event in Rio.

Belgium had very smartly composed floor routines where their difficulty came from well performed dance elements, and hit five in a row Yurchenko fulls. They had to count a fall on bars, but hit five for five on beam and stand in 8th place currently ahead of Germany and Romania.

Subdivision 9: Australia, France, Belarus/All-Olympia

Aussies a little weak on bars and had two missed routines. Four Yurchenko fulls and one DTY. Floor - hit fairly well but beam and bars had falls. They look good to make the test event in Rio!

France stood out with choreography on floor, (Brevet 14.133 highest execution in the meet on floor thus far 8.733), vault Yurchenko fulls and one Tsuk full. Their beam scores ranged around the mid 13s, but solid bars elevated them to 9th after their session, ahead of Brazil, Belgium, Germany and Romania.

The two American gymnasts who train at All-Olympia in Los Angeles and recently obtained Belarusian citizenships to compete here in Glasgow looked solid on all four events (Kwan 51.866 and Dickson 51.633).

Subdivision 10: USA, Netherlands

USA started on floor where the team was spectacular. Biles earned 15.966 a full point higher than the second best score in this championship thus far.

Raisman went oob for .3 deduction and was bumped out of FX final by teammate Nichols who edged her 14.7 to 14.533.

Vault was just as impressive where Biles is leading the event final qualifying with her tremendous Amanar and layout Podkopayeva vaults. Nichols hit a good Amanar while Raisman's was over rotated with several steps forward. Gabby Douglas' stuck Yurchenko double full scored 15.3 (9.5 execution).

Team USA suffered its first falls of the night on bars where Raisman fell on her Tkatchev and Brenna Dowell, going last up, had several issues with falls after her toe on Tkatchev half, toe on piked Tkatchev and on her Maloney half (11.333).

Biles produced near perfect beam routine for yet another top score (14.966; ff layout, layout; front tuck half; ff-ff full-in); however, her teammates had a below par day on the event.

Douglas fell on her standing full, Raisman's form and missed connections kept her score low, while Nichols and Kocian were rather conservative.

Despite the few errors team USA leads the team qualification by over five points to Russia who is in 2nd. Biles is ahead in the all-around qualifying by more than 4 points (Douglas is second with a fall). Biles also leads VT, BB and FX qualifying.

The Netherlands, 8th after the session, looks good to make team finals, and therefore, automatically qualify for Rio. The team looked sensational on beam and floor with routines primarily composed of very difficult dance elements and connections.

Sanne Wevers will qualify for beam finals (2nd best score - double turn leg horizontal, side aerial to side aerial, front aerial to wolf jump, full turn leg up to another single turn, double turn to a leap, switch leap to full twisting ff step out, gainer layout dismount).

Teammate Thorsdottir is in 8th position for the final on beam. Sanne's sister Lieke currently stands as the first alternate on floor.

Subdivision 11: Greece, Mexico

Perhaps the weakest session in the competition so far. Mexico was definitely feeling the absence of Elsa Garcia who injured her knee here in Glasgow during podium training and wasn't able to compete. Moreno Medina looks good to make vault finals, standing on 7th with one session to go (front handspring Rudi and Tsuk double twist).

Subdivision 12: Switzerland,  Hungary

Swiss star Steingruber had two sensational events and made finals on both (floor 14.533-full twisting double layout, double layout, full in; vault - Yurchenko double full, front handspring Rudi). She was also solid on bars but had a fall on beam. Still, she stands in second place in the all-around after Biles and ahead of Douglas. Her healthy performance also helped the team earn the last 16th qualifying spot for the test event in Rio.

The Hungarian team seems to be headed in the right direction with some beautiful gymnastics displayed through excellent form and great flexibility. Beam cost the team, and they placed 18th; therefore, not qualifying a full team to the test event.

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