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British Junior Men Unstoppable in Germany
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Great Britain claimed the top spot in a four-way junior men's competition against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Monheim, Bavaria. Pictured: 2014 Youth Olympic Champion Giarnni Regini-Moran

Great Britain claimed the top spot in a four-way junior men's competition against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Monheim, Bavaria.

The British brought a double victory Saturday as their female counterparts defeated the same three countries at a junior quad meet held in Volketswil, Switzerland.

The competition in Monheim served as a warmup for the upcoming Junior European Championships, May 25-29 in Bern, Switzerland. All four nations sent the same teams entered into the competition in Bern, where the British men are favored to defend the junior team title.

Great Britain (334.800) won by a commanding victory of more than 8 points, with the team earning the highest score on five of the six events. Multiple mistakes on high bar brought the other teams closer, but Britain continued with a strong team performance on floor exercise and pommel horse to easily win.

The competition among the other three teams was much tighter, with the teams separated by less than 1.5 points. Switzerland claimed silver (326.700) over France (325.950) and Germany (325.300). The host team's fourth place was still a good outcome because of the improved score, said said 2004 and 2008 Olympian Thomas Andergassen, now the head coach for the German junior team.

"The competition was certainly positive for us, because if you look at the distances (between countries), we have made significant progress. We'll be stronger after the event," Andergassen said.

2014 Youth Olympic Champion Giarnni Regini-Moran (84.450) and teammate Hamish Carter (84.300) finished 1-2 in the all-around for Great Britain. Robin Caillaud, runner-up at the 2015 French Junior Championships, won the bronze (83.250)

France's Cameron-Lie Bernard (81.850) finished fourth ahead of Switzerland's Samir Serhani (81.450). New British Under-18 junior champion Joe Fraser placed sixth after missed routines on pommel horse and high bar. Carlo Hörr (80.250) and Nick Klessing (80.100) earn the best finishes for Germany in the all-around, finishing 10th and 11th, respectively.

Regini-Moran put up the top individual scores on floor exercise (14.900/6.0) and vault (14.950/6.0). Teammate Joshua Nathan (14.000/6.0) had the top score on pommel horse. The British superiority was especially evident on pommel horse, where their Difficulty scores were far above their rivals. Jamie Lewis also had a 6.0 D-score, while Fraser had 5.8. Only one other gymnast in the field, France's Baptiste Miette (5.7), had a D-score above 5.3 on pommel horse.

Klessing earned the best score on rings (14.550/5.5) while France's Bernard outscored the field on parallel bars (14.850/5.7). Switzerland's Moreno Kratter (14.250/5.4) was the top gymnast on high bar, where the Swiss had the best team total.

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2016 France/Germany/Great Britain/Switzerland U18 Men
April 30, Monheim, Bavaria, Germany

1.  Great Britain57.00054.80055.15058.50056.80052.550334.800
Hamish Carter14.40013.75014.00014.65013.80013.70084.300
Joe Fraser13.45012.75014.05013.90014.40012.75081.300
Jamie Lewis13.00013.40012.75014.20014.05013.00080.400
Joshua Nathan14.25014.00013.25041.500
Donell Osbourne14.70013.60013.10041.400
Giarnni Regini-Moran14.90013.65013.85014.95014.55012.55084.450
2.  Switzerland53.95052.10055.55055.30055.65054.150326.700
Henji Mboyo12.70013.95014.15012.95053.750
Samir Serhani14.25012.70014.25014.50012.30013.45081.450
Noe Seifert12.65013.30013.55013.10014.25013.50080.350
Andreas Gribi13.35013.40013.80012.75013.60011.65078.550
Martino Morosi13.70012.60014.25040.550
Moreno Kratter12.40013.40013.45013.65014.25067.150
3.  France52.95053.00053.70057.30055.70053.300325.950
Baptiste Miette12.70013.50013.20013.45052.850
Robin Caillaud13.80013.80013.60014.20014.20013.65083.250
Cameron-Lie Bernard12.90013.60013.20014.60014.85012.70081.850
Kévin Carvalho13.15012.90013.25014.30011.65013.85079.100
Léo Valentin12.55013.10025.650
Antoine Pochon13.10012.50013.35014.20013.20012.45078.800
4.  Germany55.10051.35053.45057.95054.55052.900325.300
Nick Klessing13.90012.20014.55014.05013.65011.75080.100
Felix Remuta14.10013.15014.60012.10013.05067.000
Leonard Prügel13.55013.20014.65013.40013.00067.800
Carlo Hörr13.55013.40011.50014.65013.60013.55080.250
Tobias Radoi13.05012.55012.70013.40013.90013.30078.900
Mika Säfken12.15013.05025.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran19986.014.9005.213.6504.713.8506.014.9505.814.5504.612.55084.450
2.Hamish Carter19985.614.4005.313.7505.014.0005.214.6505.113.8005.113.70084.300
3.Robin Caillaud19984.913.8004.913.8004.813.6005.214.2005.114.2004.713.65083.250
4.Cameron-Lie Bernard19985.312.9005.313.6004.713.2005.214.6005.714.8503.712.70081.850
5.Samir Serhani19995.514.2504.712.7005.214.2505.214.5004.612.3005.013.45081.450
6.Joe Fraser19985.713.4505.812.7505.014.0505.213.9005.614.4005.212.75081.300
7.Donell Osbourne20005.013.4504.913.0004.513.3005.214.7004.913.6004.713.10081.150
8.Jamie Lewis20004.113.0006.013.4004.912.7505.214.2005.114.0504.713.00080.400
9.Noe Seifert19985.012.6504.813.3004.913.5504.413.1005.214.2504.613.50080.350
10.Carlo Hörr19985.113.5505.213.4004.011.5005.214.6505.013.6004.913.55080.250
11.Nick Klessing19985.613.9004.612.2005.514.5505.614.0505.013.6504.611.75080.100
12.Leonard Prügel19985.213.5504.713.2004.312.1005.614.6504.413.4004.313.00079.900
13.Moreno Kratter19985.212.4004.412.0504.713.4004.413.4504.813.6505.414.25079.200
14.Kévin Carvalho19994.813.1504.512.9004.613.2505.214.3005.411.6505.013.85079.100
15.Joshua Nathan19985.314.2506.014.0004.813.2504.413.3504.412.3004.611.85079.000
16.Tobias Radoi19995.013.0504.212.5504.712.7004.413.4004.813.9004.713.30078.900
17.Antoine Pochon19995.113.1004.512.5004.613.3505.214.2004.813.2005.012.45078.800
18.Felix Remuta19985.914.1004.411.6505.213.1505.614.6004.912.1004.913.05078.650
19.Andreas Gribi19984.813.3504.913.4004.913.8005.212.7505.313.6004.711.65078.550
20.Martino Morosi19995.113.7004.512.6004.712.7005.214.2504.211.8004.613.20078.250
21.Léo Valentin19995.412.5504.211.0504.613.2504.413.5504.413.2004.613.10076.700
22.Henji Mboyo19985.212.7005.113.9505.414.1505.012.95053.750
23.Baptiste Miette19985.712.7004.813.5005.213.2005.413.45052.850
24.Mika Säfken20004.912.1504.713.0504.613.0504.412.15050.400
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