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Regini-Moran Extends British Streak at Junior Europeans
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Giarnni Regini-Moran won the fifth consecutive junior all-around title for Great Britain on Friday as the 2016 Men's European Championships continued in Bern, Switzerland.

Giarnni Regini-Moran (Great Britain) won the junior all-around title Friday as the 2016 Men's European Championships continued in Bern, Switzerland.

Regini-Moran scored 86.198 to take the title over Russia's Andrei Makolov (84.965) and Great Britain's Joe Fraser (83.764).

Regini-Moran's convincing victory was the fifth consecutive Junior European title for the British men, who have had two all-around medalists at every Junior Europeans since 2008. He follows Dan Keatings (2008), Sam Oldham (2010), Frank Baines (2012) and Nile Wilson (2014) as continental champion. The British juniors also won their fifth consecutive team title on Wednesday in another spectacular streak.

Regini-Moran, the 2014 Youth Olympic champion, was the favorite to win the title in Bern. His level of difficulty, particularly on floor exercise (triple-double mount) and vault (layout Randi), was ahead of nearly all the competitors. He led from the very first event with his 14.900 on floor exercise and never looked back, scoring 13.833 on pommel horse, 13.866 on rings, 15.466 on vault, 14.600 on parallel bars and 13.533 on high bar.

"Last up on high bar, the final routine, there was a bit of pressure, so I was so happy to nail that routine and take the gold," Regini-Moran said. "It shows that my hard work has paid off. I know vault and floor are my biggest pieces and opportunities to gain an edge so that was important to do that."

Junior Europeans will be the final junior event for the 17-year-old Regini-Moran. Posed for stardom in the next quadrennium, he is so strong he has an outside shot at making Great Britain's Olympic team this summer.

"I don't know what the future will bring," said Regini-Moran, whose unusual name honors his mother's Italian heritage. "I still have finals this Sunday and then we will start to think about my senior career. Nothing's impossible in terms of the Olympics — I'll keep doing my best and see what happens."

Makalov claimed silver, amassing the top difficulty across all six apparatus (32.5 to 32.4 from Regini-Moran). He erred on pommel horse in the second rotation but came back with the top scores on still rings (14.333) and parallel bars (14.666).

Fraser was in second place after four events, but missed his routine on parallel bars to drop behind Makalov. In the last rotation, he delivered the second-best score on high bar of the day (13.666) to secure a second medal for Great Britain.

"I feel ecstatic!" said Fraser, the 2016 British junior national champion. "After the errors on parallel bars I had to get my mind focused for high bar and to come away with a bronze is everything I've ever wanted. My training paid off, we've played out all kinds of scenarios in the gym for situations like today and it's worked."

Ukraine's Eduard Yermakov finished fourth (81.932) ahead of Switzerland's Samir Serhani (81.798) and France's Kévin Carvalho (81.723). Switzerland's Henji Mboyo, third in qualification, finished seventh (81.132) after a 11.033 on high bar.

Competition continues Saturday in Bern with the men's senior team final, followed by apparatus finals on Sunday. The women's European championships begin June 1.

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2016 Men's European Championships
May 27, Bern, Switzerland

Junior All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran6.014.9005.213.8334.713.8666.015.4665.814.6004.713.53386.198
2.Andrei Makolov5.614.4335.013.2005.214.3335.614.9005.814.6665.313.43384.965
3.Joe Fraser5.314.1005.914.3005.014.0665.214.4664.913.1665.213.66683.764
4.Eduard Yermakov5.113.4005.513.4665.513.8335.614.4335.814.1004.712.70081.932
5.Samir Serhani5.514.1664.613.3335.214.0005.214.1004.713.5335.012.66681.798
6.Kévin Carvalho4.813.2664.613.1664.613.3585.214.2005.414.4004.913.33381.723
7.Henji Mboyo5.314.4005.113.2005.113.9005.214.3335.414.2664.711.03381.132
8.Sergei Naidin5.513.7005.012.1005.013.4005.214.2664.913.5005.113.46680.432
9.Petar Vefic5.113.4004.413.0004.513.1665.214.1334.913.4004.713.20080.299
10.Nazar Chepurnyi5.213.5005.613.9005.013.6664.412.5755.414.0164.112.50080.157
11.Robin Caillaud4.613.5334.913.1664.712.8664.413.2335.113.7664.713.53380.097
11.Krisztián Boncsér5.814.5664.312.1003.811.9665.615.0664.512.6665.213.73380.097
13.Rhys McClenaghan4.913.4665.813.2004.512.5335.213.9004.813.4834.112.36678.948
14.Takumi Onoshima4.713.4005.213.6334.812.7664.413.3664.713.1004.312.66678.931
14.Nicolau Mir5.413.7664.512.0334.613.1335.213.8334.713.5334.812.63378.931
16.Luca Garza5.013.3334.712.2334.813.0335.214.1334.712.9664.613.13378.831
17.David Rumbutis5.313.6333.911.0004.613.1665.214.2664.913.6334.513.10078.798
18.Max Kooistra5.213.3665.113.4664.112.7004.413.0664.913.2664.412.70078.564
19.Lorenzo Galli5.013.5005.013.3334.112.8005.214.3663.911.4004.813.13378.532
20.Kim Vanstroem5.514.1334.312.1334.212.7335.213.8664.412.8334.412.79178.489
21.Noah Kuavita5.113.7664.612.6334.712.7665.213.9334.512.2835.112.80878.189
22.Ilias Georgiou4.513.3003.111.1004.813.7334.413.3334.812.4664.713.36677.298
23.Dmitry Govorov5.512.8334.811.2665.013.6665.613.2914.913.2334.412.83377.122
24.Carlo Hörr5.113.1665.113.5334.912.6335.213.9335.013.6003.910.23377.098

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