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Wenske, Wiskus Clinch Junior Titles at P&G Championships
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Despite a rough second day, in which he had major breaks on his first and last events, Matt Wenske (pictured) won the 17-18 age group at the P&G Championships. Coached by Tom Meadows at Cypress Academy in Texas, Wenske still won by a wide margin with his 165.30 two-day total.

Bailey Perez, coached by Paul Hamm at Premier Gymnastics Academy in Illinois, was second with 159.05. Jordan Kovach, coached by Ben Fox at Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy in Oklahoma, place third with 158.85.

In the 15-16 age group, Shane Wiskus ran away with the title with 170.45. Coached by Doug Price at Mini-Hops Gymnastics in Minnesota, Wiskus showed clean basics and consistency throughout the two days. Wiskus placed second at the 2015 P&Gs.

Bennet Huang posted a second-place 164.45. He is coached by Vince Miller at West Coast Olympic Gymnastics Academy in California. Alexei Vernyi finished third with 163.20. He also trains at Cypress under Meadows.


Rotation 1

Bennet Huang started off on pommels with a routine that many seniors would love to have tonight (14.20).

First-day leader (15-16) Shane Wiskus scored 13.95 on high bar.

First-day leader (17-18) Matt Wenske also started on high bar and missed his Voronin mount. He's got a 5.2 lead, so it shouldn't hurt him. It's his first fall over the two days.

Vitaly Guimaraes showed clean lines on p-bars for 13.25 (9.05 E-score).

Mitchell Brown hit a clean set on p-bars to start his day. He is in second place in the 17-18 group.

Jordan Kovach jumped into third (17-18) after a 13.75 on rings.

Alexei Vernyi hit high bar and sits third in the 15-16 group.

Kevin Penev, Eddie Penev's younger brother, scored 14.80 on vault.

Rotation 2

Connor Lewis mounted floor with an Arabian double front with his knees together and toes pointed. Nice.

Huang fell on his rings dismount.

Kovach stuck his Kasamatsu.

Wiskus hit a solid set on floor, sticking a triple twist dismount.

Wenske, who bears a slight resemblance to the great Valeri Liukin, mounted floor with a piked half-in half-out and ended with a triple twist (14.10).

Guimaraes performed elgrip Endo on high bar. He really handles his height well (13.35).

Brown hit a clean high bar set and stuck his full-twisting double layout (13.75).

Angel Leon nailed a clean floor routine, mounting with a tucked half-half and ending with a double twist (13.70).

Vernyi is a tumbler, using a tucked double-double for a second pass (14.00).

Bailey Perez scored 14.75 on vault and is in third place.

Rotation 3

Wiskus was first up on pommels, mounting with a Mikulak. No problems elsewhere for a solid routine (13.80)

Kovach, in fourth place, hit p-bars and stuck his double tuck dismount.

Wenske, still in the lead, hit pommels without any form breaks (13.35).

Guimaraes mounted floor with an Arabian double front half-out. This kid is clean, and dismounted with an easy triple twist.

Brown put his hands down on his floor mount, tucked half-in half-out.

Vernyi struggled to get through pommels (12.00).

Huang did a high double-twisting Yurchenko on vault (14.70).

Perez was a little shaky on p-bars but survived without a major break.

Last year's 15-16 champ Davis Grooms looked great on rings and stuck a double front.

Rotation 4

Penev mounted floor with a tucked double-double but went out of bounds on his third pass.

Wenske was solid on rings, dismounting with tucked double-double.

Brown hit horse for 13.35.

Grooms vaulted a Yurchenko-1.5.

Vernyi was a bit weak on rings, with a straddled planche that was piked and tucked half-half dismount (13.15).

Perez hit high bar for 13.55.

Wiskus showed a smart routine on rings with excellent swing a stuck half-half (13.90).

Huang was a little rough on p-bars and stumbled backward after his double pike (13.10).

Kovach hit high bar and dismounted with a clean layout double-double (13.85).

Rotation 5

Wenske was first up on vault and nailed a Lopez with just a step (15.40).

Vernyi vaulted a high Kasamatsu-1.5.

Brown only scored 11.85 on rings.

Wiskus stuck a Kasamatsu-full. He's got solid basics everywhere.

Perez showed excellent twisting ability on floor, mounting with a handspring double-twisting layout to front-full. After an Arabian double front, he dismounted with a stuck triple twist (14.15).

Huang mounted high bar with a Voronin vault, was clean throughout and stuck a full-twisting layout (13.65).

Kovach stuck a second pass of front layout, double front, and came back with an Arabian double front. He dismounted with a double twist (13.35).

Rotation 6

Brown fell to his knees on vault.

Vernyi looked cautious on p-bars, muscling a peach, but he stuck a double pike dismount (13.60).

Perez struggled on pommels and scored 11.55.

Kovach was a little piked on pommels but he stayed on without a fall (12.55).

Wiskus was clean on p-bars (Healy, Diamidov, Moy, Tippelt) and he stuck his double pike (14.70).

Wenske bombed p-bars. After a peach, he took out the peach-half that he struggled with in warm-ups. He tried a Belle and took an intermediate swing and took another extra swing later in the routine. Not the way he wanted to finish (12.10).

Huang mounted floor with a front-full to double-twisting front. Most of his landing were solid, and he stuck his double twist dismount (14.05).

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