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O'Keefe Wins Junior Title at P&G Championships
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ST. LOUIS—Maile O'Keefe (Salcianu Elite) hit all of her routines Sunday to win the 2016 junior title at the P&G Championships with a two-day total of 115.050. After placing 17th in 2015, O'Keefe was a model of consistency throughout the competition.

"My coaches (Tammy and Sorin Salcianu) really help me to focus and stay grounded," she said. And the difference between last year? "I've become a lot more confident."

The top three from Friday's prelims went unchanged, with Riley McCusker (MG Elite) and Gabby Perea (Legacy Elite) placing second (112.450) and third (111.600), respectively.

Coached by Maggie Haney, McCusker almost made it three junior titles in a row for MG Elite. Jazmyn Foberg won in 2014 and Lauren Hernandez was the champion last year. But she wasn't thinking along those lines.

"I had no expectations," she said.

McCusker showed a unique dismount from bars, a barani-in back out from inverted giants, which she landed low today and touched her knees.

"Oh, my gosh, it was so frustrating," she said. "I can do it 10 out of 10 times."

Buckeye gymnast Shania Adams hit a clutch beam routine in the final routine to climb into fourth (110.600), and Morgan Hurd (First State) placed fifth (109.750). Trinity Thomas (Prestige), who showed amazing tumbling on floor, was sixth with 109.600.


Rotation 1

Kalyani Steele has scratched.

Gabby Perea with a great bars set (Stalder Shaposhnikova-half) 14.40

Besides having a really cool name, Trinity Thomas showed some of the cleanest tumbling of the meet, seniors included (and high, too). Double layout mount; 1.5 twist through to double tuck; double pike; triple twist that floated down to the mat (14.30).

Kinsey Davis with excellent line and toe point on bars: Hindorff and tucked half-half dismount. 13.40

Riley McCusker stuck her tucked full-ing mount; seemed to get a little tired at the end but beautiful choreographer and presentation, 14.10

Maile O'Keefe vaulted a Yurchenko-double twist with a near stick, 14.85

Chae Campbell, who fell on her head in prelims on her double front dismount, missed a pirouette on the low bar and jumped off. But she remounted and stuck her double front this time.

Alyona Shchennikova missed a piked Tkatchev on bars after showing nice inside Stalders

Shilese Jones opened floor with 1.5 twist through to tucked full-in; Arabian double tuck; double pike; double tuck, stuck.

Rotation 2

O'Keefe Stalder Shaposhnikova; cast hop, front giant to Jaeger; Fontaine dismount. Very clean throughout. 13.95

McCusker with a clean Yurchenko-full, 14.00

Deanne Soza scratched floor.

High Yurchenko-double twist from Elena Arenas! 14.30

Jones with and even higher Yurchenko-double twist, 14.70

Huge Yurchenko-full from Thomas. 13.95. How did they give an E-score of only 9.05?!

Perea with ff, ff, layout on beam; ff, ff, 2.5 twist dismount. 14.20

After two events, no change in the top three from prelims: O'Keefe, McCusker, Perea.

Rotation 3

O'Keefe on beam, layout, layout; ff, ff, double pike dismount, well done! 14.90.

McCusker after a great set, she dropped to her knees on her barani-in, back-out from inverted giants. 12.90

High double layout on floor from Campbell. Nice to see her doing all events today. 13.75

Arenas did a great bars set, which included a Maloney-half (and she's relatively short!). 14.30

Jones on bars, Jaeger, Maloney, full-twisting double. 13.00

Perea with tucked full-in mount on floor; 1.5 twist through to 2.5 twist; triple twist; double tuck.

Morgan Hurd with Yurchenko-double twist, sort of stuck it. 14.50

Lauren Little did a big Yurchenko-double twist.

Still no change in the top three. Shania Adams has climbed to fourth, behind her Buckeye teammate Jones. Trinity Thomas is in sixth.

Rotation 4

High piked full-in from Aria Brusch on floor. 13.75

Perea with a clean Yurchenko-full, 13.80

Jones on beam: fell off on her double wolf turn, first skill, 12.40

Thomas on beam: one-arm ff to two layouts; bounced forward onto her hands on a RO, double tuck. 13.80

Hurd hit bars today to make up for Friday and dismounted with a tucked double-double. 14.30

Madeleine Johnston stuck a Yurchenko-double twist and scored 15.15, which included a bonus tenth

O'Keefe stuck her tucked full-in mount on floor and ended with a clean double pike. She waved to the crowd as she jogged off the floor. 14.30

McCusker on beam: front aerial; ff, layout, layout; ff, ff, double tuck. 14.40

Adams last performer of the meet, on beam: ff, layout; standing front somi; side somi; front aerial; ff, ff, 2.5 twist. 14.10

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