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Biles Claims Fourth Consecutive U.S. Title
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ST. LOUIS—In winning her fourth straight U.S. title, Simone Biles joined an exclusive club. The last woman to win that many was Joan Moore Gnat (1971-74). Linda Metheny, who was judging balance beam at this P&G Championships, also won four titles (1966, ’68, ’70, ’71). The only other woman to win at least four titles was Clara Schroth, who holds the record with six (1945-46, 1949-52).

Biles had an off night—for her—and scored 62.10 for a two-day total of 125.00.

"Bars and beam could have been better, but it is what it is," she said. "None of us is perfect." How did it feel to win four U.S. titles in a row? "It feels the same as the second or third one [smile]."

Aly Raisman finished second with 121.10 and Lauren Hernandez was third (120.50). There were no major breaks for any of the top three gymnasts.

2012 Olympic champion Gabrielle Douglas had an up and down night and finished fourth with 117.80. In the first rotation, she came up short on an elgrip Endo and had to ad lib. Her beam, however, was much smoother than on Friday, but she went out of bounds on floor during her new pass of full-in to back tuck.

"I messed up a few events," she said. "That never happens to me on bars." Douglas, upbeat while speaking with reporters, also said that she needed a two-and-a-half (Amanar) and more difficulty, hinting that she might upgrade at the Olympic trials in San Jose.

Madison Kocian continued to impress, especially on bars (15.70), and placed fifth with 116.45. Amelia Hundley rounded out the top six with 115.55.

Alyssa Baumann and Ragan Smith should sleep better tonight, having improved considerably from Friday. Baumann finished seventh with 114.95, and Smith was close behind in eighth (114.80).

The competiion included a variety of styles and skills. The only thing missing was any uncertainty of who would win.

Biles is poised to do something really special in Rio, and winning the P&G Championships was a good start to her Olympic journey.


Rotation 1

Huge cheers for Gabby Douglas every time her name is announced. She missed her elgrip Endo on the low bar, which is not how she wanted to start. 14.50

Maggie Nichols on beam: 2.5 wolf turn; wolf jump punch front, side aerial - wobble; switch ring; ff, layout, RO double pike. Much better than first night. 14.35

Aly Raisman on floor: nailed her first pass; huge piked Arabian double and double layout; double pike. Tumbling is high and clean. 15.70

Ragan Smith: clean Yurchenko-double twist. 14.70

Madison Kocian on bars: great set, inside Stalders look better than before; stuck full-twisting double tuck. 15.70

Lauren Hernandez with a Yurchenko-double twist. 14.80

MyKayla Skinner: difficult tumbling on floor. 14.90

Yurchenko-double twist from Brenna Dowell (hop). 14.75

Emily Gaskins, coached by Steve Nunno, on floor: double layout mount; high Arabian double front. 13.90

Alyssa Baumann hit bars, which was a relief for her. 14.45

Simone Biles on floor: High layout full-out; Biles, split jump; tucked double-double; lots of smiles; super high tucked full-in. The routine keeps getting better and better. 16.05

Rotation 2

Skinner on vault, with a Cheng in which she pulls one hand off the horse before the other. No block (15.25); Amanar was better. 15.35

Smith on bars: fell on a Ricna.

Kocian on beam: ff, layout; cautious; RO double pike. Good routine. 14.25

Biles on vault: high Amanar, tiny hop, 16.20; Cheng was clean, landed stiff legged and bounced a little. 16.00

Lexy Ramler did a Comaneci salto on bars.

Baumann on beam: standing Arabian, perfect; ff, layout; high leaps; RO, double pike. 14.70

Hernandez on bars: Stalder-Shapshnkova, back swing to Tkatchev; piked Ricna. 15.15

Amelia Hundley on floor: double layout mount, piked full-in second pass; 1.5 twist to double tuck, big bounce on landing; double pike. 14.15

Raisman on vault: Amanar, big step forward, legs bent at end. 15.50

Brenna Dowell hit bars, but was a little wild on the dismount, full-twisting double layout.

Douglas on beam: piked front; ff, layout; standing full; switch ring; front aerial, split jump; ff, ff, double pike. Great set, huge cheers after her dismount. 15.05

Rotation 3

Ashton Locklear on bars: clean set, gorgeous lines, inside Stalders, high Jaeger, full-out dismount. 15.70

Hundley with clean Yurchenko-double twist on vault. 14.80

Hernandez on beam: ff, layout, layout; ff, ff, double pike. Solid. 15.30

Baumann on floor: After double layout mount, slipped out of bound on second pass

Biles on bars: hit cold. 14.75

Raisman on bars: she's swinging better on bars now, with fewer form breaks. 14.15

Douglas on floor: double Arabian mount with low stag jump; tucked full-in, back tuck, out of bounds; not a good combination, because it's not immediate. 14.45

Smith on beam: double wolf turn; two-foot ff, layout to two feet; ff, ff, Arabian double front. Marta watched the whole routine. 15.00

Rotation 4

Hernandez on floor: double layout; Arabian double, stag jump; front layout, front-full, front; double tuck, stuck. 14.80

Baumann scored 15.00 for a well-done Yurchenko-double twist.

Douglas on vault: Yurchenko-double twist, hop. 14.90

Biles on beam: 2.5 wolf turn; tiny hop into barani; ff, layout, layout, wobble; ff, ff, full-in, step forward. 15.10

Kocian on vault: Yurchenko-full. 13.75

Rachel Gowey on floor: nice triple twist mount; double tuck; handspring-double-twisting front; RO, 1.5 twist.

Smith on floor: stuck double layout; 1.5 twist through to triple twist; Arabian double front, stag jump; double pike, cute choreography, huge crowd response. 14.70

Raisman on beam: front; ff, layout; RO Arabian double; needs more extension and toe point in leaps.15.30

Skinner fell off beam on her front somi mount, then fell onto the beam when her feet slipped; RO tucked full-in, put her hands down. 12.05

Locklear on beam: double wolf turn; ff, layout; front; side somi, windmill arms; side aerial; RO, double tuck.

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