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Turkey Dominates Mersin World Cup
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Turkish gymnasts led qualification on seven of the 10 events at the Mersin World Challenge Cup, held Friday and Saturday in the Mediterranean city. Pictured: İbrahim Çolak qualified first on still rings.

Turkish gymnasts led qualification on seven of the 10 events at the Mersin World Challenge Cup, held Friday and Saturday in the Mediterranean city.

The competition is the first World Cup event held in Turkey, and is taking place at Mersin Gymnastics Hall, constructed for the 2013 Mediterranean Games.

The event, the final World Cup competition before the Olympic Games, attracted a small field of gymnasts from Austria, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Hong Kong, Iran, Jordan and Uzbekistan. All gymnasts advanced to Sunday's apparatus finals, as eight or fewer gymnasts competed each event in qualification.

Turkish gymnasts qualified first on three of the four women's events, with Demet Mutlu first on uneven bars and Tutya Yılmaz leading balance beam and floor exercise.

Austrian veteran Lisa Ecker qualified first on vault and second to the other three finals. Uzbekistan's Oksana Chusovitina, headed for a record seventh Olympic Games, scored a 0.000 on her handspring double front but still advanced to the vault final. Chusovitina, who turned 41 on June 19, qualified third on uneven bars and balance beam.

Four Turkish gymnasts topped the men's qualification: Ahmet Önder (floor exercise) İbrahim Çolak (still rings), Ferhat Arıcan (parallel bars) and Ümit Şamiloğlu (high bar). Arıcan earned the highest mark of the qualification with his 15.800 (6.9 Difficulty).

Colombian Olympic qualifier Jossimar Calvo led competition on pommel horse and men's vault and qualified to all six finals. Calvo, who arrived in Turkey after last weekend's World Cup in Anadia, was at the Atatürk Airport in Istanbul at the time of the June 28 terror attack that killed 44 and injured hundreds. Calvo was fortunately uninjured.

Competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals.

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2016 FIG World Challenger Cup
July 1-2, Mersin, Turkey

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Lisa Ecker5.08.85013.85013.325
2.Demet Mutlu5.08.350.113.25013.000
3.Catalina Escobar4.48.650.112.95012.475
4.Oksana Chusovitina0.00.0000.0007.400
5.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan0.00.0000.0006.600

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Demet Mutlu5.28.15013.350
2.Lisa Ecker5.37.50012.800
3.Oksana Chusovitina3.58.35011.850
4.Catalina Escobar5.26.55011.750
5.Tutya Yılmaz4.95.55010.450
6.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan1.17.0008.100

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Tutya Yılmaz6.28.10014.300
2.Lisa Ecker5.58.20013.700
3.Oksana Chusovitina5.38.05013.350
4.Çağla Altundemir4.77.20011.900
5.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan3.67.15010.750
6.Catalina Escobar4.95.9500.110.750

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Tutya Yılmaz5.28.30013.500
2.Lisa Ecker5.38.20013.500
3.Göksu Üçtaş Şanli5.28.2500.113.350
4.Catalina Escobar5.08.0500.112.950
5.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan4.06.8500.110.750

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Ahmet Önder6.38.40014.700
2.Ferhat Arıcan6.28.20014.400
3.Jossimar Calvo6.37.85014.150
4.Majdi Al­Hmood5.
5.Murad Agharzayev6.17.80013.900

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.58.15014.650
2.Ferhat Arıcan6.87.80014.600
3.Adham Alsqour5.77.85013.550
4.Ahmad Abu Al Soud4.47.45011.850
5.İsa Hamaratcilar4.77.00011.700
6.Murad Agharzayev4.35.6509.950

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.İbrahim Çolak6.78.55015.250
2.Yunus Emre Gündoğdu5.77.90013.600
3.Majdi Al­Hmood4.88.25013.050
4.Jossimar Calvo6.26.85013.050
5.Adham Alsqour5.67.40013.000
6.Reza Farnia6.26.55012.750
7.Murad Agharzayev4.76.85011.550

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Jossimar Calvo5.69.00014.60014.450
2.Man Hin Jim5.68.90014.50014.325
3.Ahmet Önder5.69.20014.80014.050
4.Ferhat Arıcan5.68.50014.10013.775
5.Murad Agharzayev5.28.50013.70013.425
6.Daniel Robert Lucas4.48.20012.60013.250
7.Majdi Al­Hmood4.48.85013.05013.150
8.Yazan Abandeh5.67.5500.113.0506.525

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Ferhat Arıcan6.98.90015.800
2.Jossimar Calvo6.57.45013.950
3.Ahmet Önder6.17.70013.800
4.Adham Alsqour5.97.85013.750
5.Majdi Al­hmood5.48.25013.650
6.Murad Agharzayev4.58.45012.950
7.Man Hin Jim5.07.80012.800
8.Reza Farnia5.57.10012.600

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Ümit Şamiloğlu6.58.50015.000
2.Jossimar Calvo6.28.30014.500
3.Ahmet Önder6.08.30014.300
4.Adham Alsqour5.87.45013.250
5.Murad Agharzayev4.77.00011.700
6.Yazan Abandeh3.67.60011.200
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