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Ablyazin Takes Three Titles at Russian Cup
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Denis Ablyazin won three event titles in apparatus finals as the 2016 Russian Cup concluded this weekend in Penza. Pictured: Ablyazin with co-still rings champion Nikita Ignatyev

Denis Ablyazin (Penza) won three event titles in apparatus finals as the 2016 Russian Cup, held Saturday and Sunday in Penza.

Ablyazin won gold medals on his three specialities: floor exercise (15.600), still rings (14.700) and vault (15.350 average). He shared the rings title with Nikita Ignatyev (Leninsk-Kuznetsky). Ablyazin, the 2014 world champion on floor exercise, opted for an easier routine on still rings due to a cold.

"Because of the cold I wasn't strong enough to do everything on the rings," Ablyazin said. "Overall today everything went as planned. I have some kind of virus, but that's all right, I'm recovering. I showed my Olympic program (on floor exercise) and won't change anything."

All-around champion Nikolai Kuksenkov (Vladimir) won pommel horse, while Ivan Stretovich (Novosibirsk) won parallel bars and high bar.

World vault champion Maria Paseka (Moscow) crashed her Cheng Fei but stood up her Amanar (15.667) to take the vault title. Penza's own Natalia Kapitonova won uneven bars (15.033), with co-world champion Daria Spiridonova (Moscow) placing third behind all-around champion Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh).

Melnikova won the balance beam title (15.400) and Saint Petersburg's Lilia Akhaimova won floor exercise. Aliya Mustafina (Moscow) scratched the finals on balance beam and floor exercise.

Coaches said they remain hopeful for the recovery of two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva, who is sorely needed on floor exercise. Afanasyeva had scar tissue cleaned out of her ankle in Munich several weeks ago, and the German surgeon will travel to Moscow next week for to evaluate her chance of returning in time.

"He will examine her and tell us whether Afanasyeva will be able to compete floor exercise," coach Valentina Rodionenko said. "But so far no decision has been made on it. The question of her participation in the Olympic Games in Rio will be resolved within one to two weeks. Everything will depend on what the doctor has to say."

The Russian gymnastics delegations plan to leave for Rio de Janeiro on July 24.

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2016 Russian Cup
July 2-3, Penza

Women's Vault FinalVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Maria PasekaMoscow14.06715.66714.867
2.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow14.86714.60014.734
3.Tatiana NabiyevaSaint Petersburg14.56713.90014.234
4.Anastasia DmitriyevaTolyatti13.86714.40014.134
5.Anastasia SidorovaRostov-on-Don14.43313.40013.917
6.Yulia BiryulyaLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.10013.46713.784
7.Lilia AkhaimovaSaint Petersburg14.16713.36713.767
8.Daria LopatinaNizhnekamsk13.66713.00013.334

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Natalia KapitonovaPenza15.333
2.Angelina MelnikovaVoronezh15.033
3.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow14.933
4.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow14.600
5.Yevgenia ShelgunovaZvenigorod / Alatyr13.833
6.Daria SkrypnikKrasnodar13.400
7.Tatiana NabiyevaSaint Petersburg12.333
8.Lilia AkhaimovaSaint Petersburg11.767

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Angelina MelnikovaVoronezh15.400
2.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow13.967
3.Yevgenia ShelgunovaZvenigorod / Alatyr13.867
4.Daria MikhaylovaMoscow13.267
4.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary13.267
6.Anastasia SidorovaRostov-on-Don13.067
7.Anastasia DmitriyevaTolyatti13.033
8.Tatiana NabiyevaSaint Petersburg12.533

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Lilia AkhaimovaSaint Petersburg14.367
2.Natalia KapitonovaPenza13.867
3.Angelina MelnikovaVoronezh13.733
4.Yevgenia ShelgunovaZvenigorod / Alatyr13.500
5.Anastasia SidorovaRostov-on-Don13.433
6.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow13.133
7.Anastasia DmitriyevaTolyatti12.633
8.Daria SkrypnikKrasnodar11.800

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Denis AblyazinPenza / Moscow15.600
2.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk14.900
3.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir14.767
4.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk14.500
5.Alexei RostovVladimir14.400
5.Artur DalaloyanMoscow14.400
7.Kirill ProkopyevVladimir / Smolensk13.200
8.Valentin StarikovSizran13.100

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary15.000
2.Ivan StretovichNovosibirsk / Zvenigorod14.767
3.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinsk14.167
3.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk14.167
5.Grigory ZyryanovLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk13.800
6.Sergei YeltsovAstrakhan13.667
7.Alexei BogdanovVladimir13.533
8.Nikita NagornyyMoscow / Rostov-on-Don12.967

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Denis AblyazinPenza / Moscow14.700
1.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk14.700
3.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir14.633
4.Ilya KibartasVladimir14.200
5.Dmitry LankinMoscow / Rostov-on-Don13.833
5.Kirill PotapovTomsk13.833
7.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk / Penza13.667
8.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary12.467

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Denis AblyazinPenza / Moscow15.46715.23315.350
2.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk14.70014.30014.500
3.Dmitry LankinMoscow / Rostov-on-Don13.76714.93314.350
3.Viktor BritanChelyabinsk14.43314.26714.350
5.Andrei MakolovTolyatti13.56714.53314.050
6.Alexei KozlovMoscow14.20013.83314.017
7.Konstantin KuzovkovKorolev14.16712.96713.567

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Ivan StretovichNovosibirsk / Zvenigorod14.933
2.Artur DalaloyanMoscow14.800
3.Dmitry LankinMoscow / Rostov-on-Don14.567
4.Nikita NagornyyMoscow / Rostov-on-Don14.533
5.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary14.500
6.Andrei LagutovLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.033
7.Andrei CherkasovLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk14.000
8.Valentin StarikovSizran12.800

High Bar FinalScore
1.Ivan StretovichNovosibirsk / Zvenigorod14.600
2.Alexei RostovVladimir14.400
3.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary14.167
4.Nikita NagornyyMoscow / Rostov-on-Don14.100
5.Valentin StarikovSizran13.867
6.Nikolai KovinovSyzran / Penza13.800
6.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk13.800
8.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk / Penza13.633
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