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Klimenko, Lewis Win European Youth Olympic Festival
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Top qualifiers Ksenia Klimenko (Russia) and Jamie Lewis (Great Britain) cruised to the all-around titles as the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival continued Thursday in Győr, northwest Hungary. Pictured: Lewis flanked by runner-up Yuri Busse (Russia) and Nicolau Mir (Spain)

Ksenia Klimenko (Russia) and Jamie Lewis (Great Britain) cruised to the all-around titles as the as the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) continued Thursday in Győr, northwest Hungary.

The biennial competition, which brings together more than 3,500 young European athletes, boasts a friendly atmosphere and team spirit. All six all-around medalists appeared delighted with their finish Thursday at the Radnóti Street Sports Park.

Klimenko hit four routines to take the all-around gold comfortably over Italy's Asia D'Amato, 54.450-53.750. Russian Varvara Zubova won the bronze 52.850. Klimenko stuck to simple sets on her two weakest apparatus, vault (Yurchenko-full) and floor exercise (2 1/2, punch front mount; double tuck; 1 1/2 to 1 1/2, double twist). She impressed on uneven bars with an aggressive routine that included a piked Jaeger to Pak salto and double front-half dismount (14.150/5.8), outscoring her closest competitor by 0.75. She also survived her tricky beam set, featuring the underused front handspring, tuck front combination (14.050/5.8). Her beam score, matched by Zubova, was again .75 ahead of the field.

Klimenko. who led Russia to the team title in Győr, brought Russia its third consecutive all-around gold at the EYOF, following Maria Kharenkova in Utrecht 2013 and Daria Skrypnik in Tbilisi 2015.

D'Amato, who helped Italy take team silver on Wednesday with her twin sister Alice D'Amato, took advantage on vault with a big double-twisting Yurchenko (14.500). Italian head coach Enrico Casella said he was pleased the 13-year-old D'Amato "was able to remain aggressive throughout the competition."

D'Amato was thrilled to matched the result of Erika Fasana, who finished second at the 2011 EYOF in Trabzon behind Larisa Iordache of Romania. Fasana is now one of D'Amato's coaches at Brixia gym in Brescia.

"I am very happy to be able to defeat one of the Russian girls," Asia D'Amato said. "You should know that the Russian gymnasts are more advanced than the Italians, so the silver medal is even more special. It is very important to me in my life, I will always remember this success."

Zubova, always fun to watch, earned her best international result with the bronze, finishing .25 ahead of Italy's Elisa Iorio. Great Britain's Taeja James, who replaced teammate Zoe Simmons in the all-around final, took fifth, .1 behind Iorio and .350 away from the bronze.

France's Célia Serber (51.65) was sixth ahead of Great Britain's Amelie Morgan (51.550). Hungary, who finished a surprise fourth in the team competition, had a solid showing with Nóra Fehér (51.400) in eighth and Bianka Schermann (51.350) in ninth. Both Hungarians said they were a bit displeased with their results, feeling they should have done better at home.

"I'm happy, but I'm a bit disappointed because I could have been better than that," Fehér said. "However, I performed better than I did in the team competition, so only one of my eyes is crying."

Schermann echoed her teammate, saying, "I'm with Nori—I'm not completely satisfied. I know what I'm capable of on paper, but unfortunately it does not always work out. There is always the chance to develop and learn from these mistakes."

Germany's Emelie Petz, who qualified third, underperformed for 10th place (51.200), and teammate Kim Ruoff finished 18th. Germany's junior coach Claudia Schunk was positive about the outcome and stressed that the two young gymnasts should learn from the experience, and that Petz, who qualified for all four event finals, should focus on the competition to come.

Like Klimenko, Jamie Lewis brought his country a third consecutive victory, following in the footsteps of Brinn Bevan in Utrecht 2013 and Joe Fraser in Tbilisi 2015. After Great Britain was upset by Russia in the team competition, Lewis came out on Thursday and dominated, outscoring Russia's Yuri Busse by 2.1 points, 82.200-80.100. Spain's Nicolau Mir Rosselló was delighted to win the bronze (78.550).

"This feels absolutely amazing," said Lewis, the U-18 British champion this year. "I've put so much hard work into my preparation and I'm so glad it's paid off. I've gone clean in all six pieces and I couldn't have asked for a better performance across the day. As soon as I did my rings I knew I was quite far ahead, and then on pommel, I was quite nervous but they're my two best pieces and I knew I had to do well. This is the best medal I've won so far in my career. I won team gold at the Europeans but this all-around definitely tops everything. Words can't describe how much I'm enjoying being out here and competing. The arena is special and it's great to be meeting so many new people – it's such an amazing experience."

Andrin Frey from Switzerland finished fourth (78.400) ahead of Great Britain's Jake Jarman (78.200). Jarman said he was also thrilled with his finish, saying he "honestly couldn't be any happier with my result today and Tuesday." The British showed great team spirit, as both Lewis and Jarman expressed their appreciation to teammate Pavel Karnejenko for his enthusiastic support from the sidelines. Karnejenko, the Scottish champion and one of the big hopes on the horizon for British gymnastics, performed below capacity in qualification and was disappointed not to make any finals.

Russia's Sergei Naidin was certainly disappointed, finishing sixth with 77.950, nearly two points less than during the team qualification when he had qualified third. He had been in the hunt for a medal until a disastrous 11.100 on high bar. Naidin has three more chances to grab a medal in event finals.

Competition continues Friday with the first day of apparatus finals. Live scoring is available at

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Women's all-around medalists Asia D'Amato (Italy), Ksenia Klimenko (Russia) and Varvara Zubova (Russia)

2017 European Youth Olympic Festival
July 27, Győr, Hungary

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ksenia Klimenko4.613.3005.814.1505.814.0504.912.95054.450
2.Asia D'Amato5.414.5005.313.4005.213.3005.012.55053.750
3.Varvara Zubova4.613.3005.113.1005.914.0504.912.40052.850
4.Elisa Iorio5.413.7006.013.3005.012.8004.912.80052.600
5.Taeja James4.613.7004.412.3005.413.1505.513.35052.500
6.Célia Serber5.013.8504.712.3004.913.0004.712.50051.650
7.Amelie Morgan4.613.7004.212.3005.112.8504.912.70051.550
8.Nóra Fehér4.013.1005.213.1505.012.7004.712.45051.400
9.Bianka Schermann4.613.3504.412.6004.912.9004.812.50051.350
10.Emelie Petz5.014.1005.112.1004.511.7504.913.25051.200
11.Anastasiia Bachynska4.613.5005.011.8505.112.0504.812.75050.150
12.Margaux Daveloose4.012.6004.212.0505.012.8504.412.50050.000
13.Dominika Ponížilová5.013.8004.512.0004.612.0504.412.05049.900
14.Leonie Meier4.612.1004.912.4005.012.5004.712.65049.650
15.Denisa Golgotă5.414.3004.110.0505.211.7505.213.00049.100
16.Sanna Veerman5.013.7005.212.7005.111.2004.411.05048.650
17.Anna Subbotina4.613.4504.812.4504.911.0504.711.65048.600
18.Kim Ruoff4.613.6504.412.2005.010.2004.712.45048.500
19.Aglaé Adam-Cuvillier4.613.3504.510.6505.012.4504.612.00048.450
20.Lali Dekanoidze4.613.5004.011.2504.411.9504.211.60048.300
21.Julie Vandamme4.212.9504.79.8004.812.9004.512.00047.650
22.Chiara Bunce4.612.94.311.7504.511.2004.311.70047.550
23.Violeta Sánchez4.613.054.512.3504.610.5004.211.40047.300
24.Elina Vihrova4.611.854.210.6004.911.6504.512.30046.400

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Jamie Lewis5.014.0005.713.8004.513.7505.214.3004.813.5004.112.85082.200
2.Yuri Busse4.713.4004.713.3504.313.2504.813.6504.813.6504.612.80080.100
3.Nicolau Mir Rosselló5.013.9003.812.3004.513.0504.814.2004.312.1504.512.95078.550
4.Andrin Frey4.913.7004.411.9504.412.9505.214.1004.112.6004.113.10078.400
5.Jake Jarman4.713.4504.512.2004.012.5005.614.4504.613.1004.112.50078.200
6.Sergei Naidin4.913.7004.812.9004.313.0004.813.6005.213.6504.311.10077.950
7.Davide Bieri4.713.2004.612.9504.212.3504.413.1504.213.1004.112.35077.100
8.Rafael Szabó4.813.2503.311.6004.713.1004.813.5504.712.9504.112.20076.650
9.Nicolo Mozzato5.113.3504.212.0003.612.0504.813.7004.613.2004.512.35076.650
10.Justin Pesesse4.613.1504.112.1003.912.3004.813.8504.313.0003.611.85076.250
11.Dimitri Florent4.412.3504.212.2003.812.2504.813.7504.113.0004.012.50076.050
12.Lay Giannini4.712.9504.211.8504.512.2004.813.6004.513.1504.511.85075.600
13.Robert Kirmes4.913.4003.912.2503.311.3004.013.1003.512.6003.812.50075.150
14.Raman Antropau4.713.2005.112.0003.411.5004.412.9004.813.5504.311.80074.950
15.Karim Rida4.413.0504.39.9504.312.6004.813.5504.112.8504.212.85074.850
16.Theodor Gadderud4.513.0504.212.1503.812.4004.012.7503.712.5003.411.85074.700
17.Sviataslau Dranitski5.113.5004.09.9004.012.4005.214.1504.212.1504.212.35074.450
18.Lucas Kochan4.611.2504.012.3004.110.6004.814.0003.912.9504.413.05074.150
19.Daniel Ponížil4.612.6003.211.5004.012.3504.814.0003.812.5503.411.15074.150
20.David Rumbutis4.712.9003.811.9504.112.7504.814.0003.910.9004.211.30073.800
21.Oriol Salguero4.411.4504.812.4504.212.3504.813.6004.012.0004.211.60073.450
22.Krisztofer Mészáros4.613.1504.412.7003.311.6504.012.6504.012.8504.010.40073.400
23.Mattis Bouchet4.012.6503.010.2504.212.1504.012.7003.912.4004.012.65072.800
24.Quentin Bègue4.912.8503.410.4503.311.0504.813.7504.012.1504.612.05072.300
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