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Russian Grabs Six More Golds as EYOF Ends
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Russia's gymnasts took six more gold medals as the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival concluded Friday and Saturday in Győr, Hungary. Pictured: Women's all-around champion Ksenia Klimenko (Russia) won gold medals on balance beam and floor exercise

Russia's gymnasts took six more gold medals as the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival concluded Friday and Saturday in Győr, Hungary.

The Russians dominated the biennial event, topping the medal standings with 16 of the 42 medals awarded in Győr, inlcuding nine golds. Italy was next best with seven medals, followed by Spain and Great Britain with four each. A dozen nations won medals this week.

Women's all-around champion Ksenia Klimenko, who led Russia to the women's team title, added two more gold medals on balance beam (13.866/5.8) and floor exercise (13.266/5.0) and a silver on uneven bars, where Elisa Iorio's 6.0-Difficulty routine impressed for first place.

Russia's Valeria Saifulina won vault with a 14.149 average over Denisa Golgotă (14.033), whose silver was the lone medal for Romania in Győr.

Top qualifier Asia D'Amato of Italy, who was a delighted silver medalist in the all-around, won the bronze (14.016). She added the silver on balance beam on Saturday (13.266/5.1).

Germany's Emelie Petz, who qualified for all four finals, won the silver on floor exercise (13.133/4.9) ahead of France's (12.866/4.7).

2017 EYOF Medal Count

1.  Russia95216
2.  Italy1427
3.  Spain134
4.  Great Britain2114
5.  Switzerland112
6.  Germany112
7.  Belgium22
8.  Romania11
9.  Croatia11
10.  Belarus11
11.  France11
12.  Bulgaria11

The British, now firmly established as one of the top gymnastics power in Europe for men and women, performed under expections with few spots in finals, and won just two medals. However, the two gymnasts who qualified for finals each earned a medal: a gold for all-around champion Jamie Lewis on still rings and a bronze for Amelie Morgan on uneven bars.

Spain's Nicolau Mir Rosselló, the all-around bronze medalist, added the gold medal on floor exercise and bronze medals on vault and parallel bars to close out a hugely successful EYOF for him. Mir Rosselló trains at the Xelska club in Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, which is run by his parents, Práxedes Rosselló and Pedro Mir.

Sergei Naidin, after a disappointing all-around finish, rebounded with gold medals on pommel horse (13.600/4.8) and parallel bars, and the silver on still rings. On pommel horse, Naidin earned the largest margin of victory of the day, winning by more than a full point. Russians Alexander Kartsev won the gold on high bar and silver on parallel bars, while all-around silver medalist Yuri Busse took second on floor exercise and third on rings.

Bulgarian-American David Huddleston, who lives and trains in San Antonio, Texas, made his long journey worthwhile with the bronze medal on floor exercise, the only event he competed at the EYOF after suffering a shoulder injury prior to the meet.

Switzerland's Andrin Frey won the gold meal on vault (13.916 average) over Belarusian Sviataslau Dranitski (13.849) and Mir Rosselló (13.549).

Belgium picked up two bronze medals from Ward Claeys on pommel horse (12.466/4.1) and Mattis Bouchet on high bar (13.133/4.1).

Mauro Nemčanin won the silver on pommel horse (12.566/4.5), continuing Croatia's strong tradition on the event.

The 2019 European Youth Olympic Festival will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, while the junior European championships will take place next year in Glasgow.

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2017 European Youth Olympic Festival
July 27, Győr, Hungary

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Valeria Saifulina5.09.03314.03314.149
2.Denisa Golgotă5.49.00014.40014.033
3.Asia D'Amato5.48.7660.114.06614.016
4.Emelie Petz5.09.06614.06613.783
5.Dominika Ponížilová5.08.70013.70013.616
6.Sanna Veerman5.08.7660.113.66613.616
7.Elisa Iorio5.48.1330.313.23313.366
8.Csenge Bácskay5.07.66612.66613.033

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Elisa Iorio6.08.10014.100
2.Ksenia Klimenko5.88.26614.066
3.Asia D'Amato5.57.83313.333
4.Varvara Zubova5.28.10013.300
5.Anastasia Bachynska5.27.83313.033
6.Sanna Veerman5.57.33312.833
7.Leonie Meier4.97.53312.433
8.Emelie Petz3.87.20011.000

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Ksenia Klimenko5.88.06613.866
2.Asia D'Amato5.18.16613.266
3.Amelie Morgan5.18.13313.233
4.Anastasia Bachynska5.17.90013.000
5.Nica Ivănuș5.37.70013.000
6.Emelie Petz5.07.56612.566
7.Valeria Saifulina5.16.90012.000
8.Iulia Berar4.96.43311.333

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Ksenia Klimenko5.08.26613.266
2.Emelie Petz4.98.23313.133
3.Célia Serber4.78.16612.866
4.Csenge Bácskay4.97.93312.833
5.Amelie Morgan4.68.06612.666
6.Anastasia Bachynska4.68.03312.633
7.Bianka Schermann4.77.93312.633
8.Varvara Zubova4.97.66612.566

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Nicolau Mir Rosselló5.08.93313.933
2.Yuri Busse5.08.76613.766
3.David Huddleston5.08.8330.113.733
4.Andrin Frey4.98.66613.566
5.Nicolo Mozzato5.18.43313.533
6.Theodor Gadderud4.59.00013.500
7.Lucas Kochan4.78.76613.466
8.Krisztofer Mészáros4.88.53313.333
9.Alexander Kartsev4.58.66613.166

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Sergei Naidin4.88.80013.600
2.Mauro Nemcanin4.58.06612.566
3.Ward Claeys4.18.36612.466
4.Jamie Lewis5.76.40012.100
5.Quentin Bègue4.57.26611.766
6.Yuri Busse5.06.63311.633
7.Dominic Tamsel4.07.56611.566
8.Davide Bieri4.27.23311.433

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Jamie Lewis4.59.23313.733
2.Yuri Busse4.39.16613.466
3.Sergei Naidin4.38.90013.200
4.Karim Rida4.38.46612.766
5.Dominic Tamsel4.28.53312.733
6.Nicolo Mozzato3.68.50012.100
7.Rafael Szabó4.57.60012.100
8.Fabrizio Valle3.67.43311.033

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Andrin Frey5.29.06614.26613.916
2.Sviataslau Dranitski5.28.96614.16613.849
3.Nicolau Mir Rosselló4.88.9660.113.66613.549
4.Ondřej Kalný4.88.76613.56613.399
5.Daniel Ponizil4.89.00013.80013.366
6.Sergiy Onbysh4.48.8660.113.16613.166
7.Oriol Salguero Aura4.88.8000.113.50013.133
8.Olegs Ivanovs4.88.86613.66613.049

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Sergei Naidin5.28.66613.866
2.Alexander Kartsev4.68.93313.533
3.Nicolau Mir Rosselló4.78.70013.400
4.Dominic Tamsel4.48.76613.166
5.Lay Giannini4.58.60013.100
6.Jamie Lewis4.88.30013.100
7.Olegs Ivanovs4.58.43312.933
8.Andrin Frey4.17.53311.633

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Alexander Kartsev4.48.76613.166
2.Nicolo Mozzato4.58.66613.166
3.Mattis Bouchet4.19.03313.133
4.Nicolau Mir Rosselló4.58.63313.133
5.Andrin Frey4.18.93313.033
6.Yuri Busse4.48.50012.900
7.Sviataslau Dranitski4.28.66612.866
8.Lucas Kochan4.47.46611.866
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