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Norway's Skjerahaug Hopes for 'Good Feeling' at Baku World Cup
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Following last year's intricate shoulder surgery, 2016 Olympian Stian Skjerahaug of Norway told IG he aims for a promising resumption of his career at the Baku World Cup that starts Thursday in the Azerbaijani capital.

Stian Skjerahaug (Norway)

"My goals for Baku are to get a good start competing again, and hitting my routines cleanly and without big mistakes," he said. "That will give me a good feeling looking forward to the European championships and world xhampionships."

Skjerahaug, who placed 32nd all-around in qualifications at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, said his 2017 shoulder surgery was complicated but successful.

"I had what is called a SLAP (superior labral from anterior to posterior) lesion, an injury on the long head of my bicep tendon in my right shoulder," he said. "The surgeon had to go into my shoulder and repair my labrum by 'sewing¨ it back on. Then he had to move the long bicep tendon a little bit down, so it wouldn't make problems again for the labrum."

Skjerahaug said he has developed physically and mentally since last year's injury and subsequent rehabilitation.

"It's difficult to say, but I think my body has changed a little bit," he told IG. "I'm a little bit bigger, so I've had to get used to that. And I think I'm stronger in my legs than before, so that's bonus for floor and vault. I've had to visualize a lot during my period of not competing, so hopefully, I have grown mentally and become a bit stronger on that point."

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