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Chusovitina Wins Vault In Doha World Cup
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At 42, Oksana Chusovitina keeps winning vault. At the 2018 World Cup in Doha, Qatar, March 21-24, she won the event with a layout Rudi and a Tsukahara-11/2 twist.

In qualifications, Kohei Uchimura competed on pommel horse (where he fell), rings, vault and high bar, but did not qualify to any finals. The closest he came was on vault, where he placed ninth (two vaults).

“I will check all the footages of my performances when I get back to Japan,” the 29-year-old Uchimura said. “I need to work on my weaknesses. Training was excellent, but I wasn’t in the best mood.”

Dmitri Lankin of Russia claimed the floor title, mounting with a roundoff triple back. Ukrainian Igor Radivilov won rings and vault, and Zou Jingyuan of China won pommel horse and parallel bars. 2017 World high bar champion Tin Srbic won that event in Doha.

Nina Derwael of Belgium won uneven bars by a wide margin, and Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos clinched the balance beam title. And there was a three-way tie on women’s floor exercise.

Women’s VT: 1. Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.433; 2. Pyon Rye Yong PRK 14.383; 3. Colin Devillard FRA 13.949.

UB: 1. Nina Derwael BEL 15.300; 2. Uliana Perebinosova RUS 14.566; 3. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA 14.400.

BB: De Jesus Dos Santos 13.933; 2. Marine Boyer FRA 13.466; 3. Derwael 13.400.

FX: 1(t). Axelle Klinckaert BEL, Elisa Meneghini ITA, Kim Su JONG PRK 13.333.

Men’s FX: 1. Dmitri Lankin RUS 14.733; 2. Carlos Edriel Yulo PHI 14.433; 3. Ryohei Kato JPN 14.200.

PH: 1. Zou Jingyuan CHN 15.100; 2. Lee 14.800; 3. Alec Yoder USA 14.700.

SR: 1. Igor Radivilov UKR 15.266; 2. Ibrahim Colak TUR 15.000; 3. Zou 14.966.

VT: 1. Radivilov 14.599; 2. Qu Ruiyang CHN 14.566; 3. Ferhat Arican TUR 14.533.

PB: Zou 16.200; 2. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 15.233; 3. Arican 15.166.

HB: 1. Tin Srbic CRO 14.800; 2. Marvin Kimble USA 14.533; 2. Deng Shudi CHN 14.500.

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