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Jamaica’s Francis Revels In Ancestry, Olympic Berth
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The December 2019 issue of International Gymnast magazine includes an in-depth interview with charismatic Jamaican gymnast Danusia Francis, who earned an individual berth to next summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. Excerpts from the interview follow.

IG: You have a unique pedigree with a Polish mom and a Jamaican dad. How and where did your parents meet? And what kind of affinity do you have for your Polish roots?

DF: They met in the U.K. I am extremely proud of my roots. My grandparents on my mum's side are both refugees of World War II, and my great-grandmother is a survivor of Auschwitz. We celebrate Polish Christmas and I grew up eating some Polish foods. My name is actually Polish too, which surprises people who don’t know.

IG: What have you discovered about your ancestors’ experiences with slavery in Jamaica, and how has it impacted you?

DF: I visited Rose Hall (plantation) and Sam Sharpe Square (named for the Jamaican national hero, former slave and anti-slavery activist). I knew about slavery and what my ancestors experienced but I saw the Freedom Monument with the names of the heroes and heroines of the anti-slavery movement inscribed. These names are from the trial and punishment records, and my surname was amongst them multiple times. This made it all very real, and I am proud to know I had such strong ancestors who fought for their freedom. It definitely empowers me.

IG: Beside the fact that Usain Bolt was an amazing athlete, why is he your hero?

DF: His personality and charisma aren’t just an act. He is a true showman. Despite the obvious of being so fast, he also brought entertainment and fun to his sport.

IG: Between now and Tokyo, what revisions will you be making to your routines so you can optimize your performance there? DF: I am trying a new skill on bars so would love to get that. Other than that it’s pretty much small tweaks here and there and going for execution.

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