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Chinese Take Lead in Qualification
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The first subdivision of the women's gymnastics qualification competition featured the strong Chinese team, the defending champion Romania as well as two mixed teams composed of gymnasts from Venezuela, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, Canada, Hungary, Switzerland, Egypt and Vietnam.

The Romanians started with solid vaulting (some form problems in the air), posting scores in a range of 14.7 and 15.1. China on the other hand, performed five outstanding beam routines. 2007 world silver medalist Li Shanshan posted the highest score for the team and for the first subdivision on the event, 16.025 (ff, ff, layout, handspring swing down; ff, ff, pike double). Cheng Fei received the second highest score of the session 15.875 (tucked full, small step back; 2½ dismount). Other scores for the Chinese team were 15.55, 15.5 and 15.25 (A score ranging from 6.4 to 6.9)

On the second rotation China continued strong on the floor receiving three scores around the mark of 15.00 (14.95, 15.00 and 15.05). Jiang Yuyuan fell out of her triple turn, lowering her chances of reaching finals. Cheng Fei (double-double tuck, full in piked, whip triple full, 1½ front full and 2½) scored the highest score of the session on floor, 15.75. The Chinese routines featured great tumbling nearly perfectly executed accompanied by very elegantly composed choreography.

Romania on the uneven bars was able to count only one strong bar routine performed by Steliana Nistor (15.975). The additional scores that the team had to count were 14.275, 14.225 and 13.975 (struggling with both difficulty and execution).

During the third rotation China performed two three well-landed Yurchenko double fulls (Yang Yilin 15.20, Deng Linlin 15.225, He Kexin 15.25). Jiang sat down her Yurchenko 2½ and the team was not able to count this vault toward its team total. Cheng, world champion on this event, confirmed her greatness with two difficult and very well executed vaults (Yurchenko 2½ 16.15 and round off half on 1½ twisting layout off 15.675). Fei will very likely qualify to the finals with one of the top scores on the event.

Romania managed for a solid beam but less than perfect. Andreea Acatrinei fell, Nistor earned 15.075 (big wobble on a tuck full, poor full turn, low landing on a pike double with a step to the side) and team veteran Izbasa earned 15.225. The highest score for the team came from Dragoi 15.45 (6.5 A score; front to a scale, front aerial walkover to a scale; ff, ff 2½ dismount).

For the last rotation the Chinese moved on the uneven bars, where they have arguably the best bar workers in the world in Yang and He (both 7.7 A score). Yang's routine scored the highest score of the session on the event, 16.65. He on the other hand after a perfect first half (Ono, Jaeger-half, Jaeger, full to invert to a layout Jaeger, Tkatchev to a Pak salto) but missed her Pak and had to remount, where she made another mistakes (missing on a pirouette and having to do an additional kip) scored the second highest score for the team, and the third overall in the first subdivision 15.725. It's possible she could still make the final regardless of the errors, if they keep the scoring tight.

Romania's Izbasa scored the second highest score of the session on floor, 15.475, which will most likely make the final, while her teammates' scores were in the range of 14.25 and 14.775.

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