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IG Founder Glenn Sundby Passes Away
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Glenn Sundby, founder of International Gymnast magazine and the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, passed away Wednesday. He was 87.

Glenn Sundby, 1921-2009
Sundby was suffering from poor health over the past year and had been residing in an assisted living center in Carlsbad, Calif. His condition worsened about a week ago, when he was moved to Tri-City Hospital in Vista, Calif.

Sundby was known and loved throughout the gymnastics world for the tireless and numerous contributions he made to the sport. He was a gentle but determined man, loyal to the core and was never one to give up on his ideas. Gymnastics has truly lost a humble legend and faithful friend.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, March 28 at 10 a.m. at Coastline Baptist Church, 557 Vista Bella, Oceanside, Calif.

For more about the legendary Glenn Sundby, click here to read "The Sundby Saga."

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Ana S. said:

Ana Isabel Sacristan
Having been a subscriber of IG since 1977, I'm terribly saddened by Mr. Sundby's passing. I will try to have many "happy handstands" in his memory.
March 21, 2009
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Don Plank said:

Glenn in the 50's
Glenn Sunbdylived on N Bundy Drive near Mt Saint Mary's in BelAir California when i knew him. He told of working with Spike Jone's and the may stunts he did in Santa Monica. He sponsored our car club "Dragging Decons and we attended meetings at his home. The the 50's he had a bunch of us kid's from WLA Baptist Church working out at Bruce Connor's Gym on Santa Monica Blvd. He had a VW Bug and one day when he stopped by my friends house in WLA the gang picked up his car and set it on the sidewalk. When he came out he just looked at it and said "OK Put it back.".
He was a great man and well liked by all. He will be missed. :<
August 29, 2009
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Rick Russell said:

Glenn Sundby
I first met Glenn Sundby in 1966 when I drove up to his Gymnastic Magazine in Santa Monica to buy some Gymnastic supplies and in 1988 I helped him build the Hall of Fame in Oceanside and I Installed Suspended Ceilings and helped him fix things and did a lot of work for him and I gave him a work out video of Mary Lou Retton in his Hall of Fame and I met Mary Lou and other Gymnasts at Glenn's Gymnastic Hall of Fame. Glenn and I drove up to Santa Monica in my small truck and picked up some things for the Hall of Fame in Oceanside and we made many trips and he was a good man to talk with and he told me about his many Adventures, like one was he did a handstand on top of the Pyramids and he was proud of that and told me with a smile smilies/smiley.gif he was very Interesting person and he has gone to many places around the world and some things from the different places he went too.
Later when I was Baptized in the Oceanside Harbor I walked up to his Apartment on the 12 or 13th floor in the Oceanside Towers in the Harbor and that was a nice view, I helped him move into and out of his Apartment later and Glenn would call me if he needed help. I asked Glenn to take some pictures of me being Baptized in the Harbor right next to his place and he went with me and he was out in the water taking pictures in the Ocean. I met Jack LaLanne at the Hall of fame of Gymnastics grand opening and later got a hold of Jack LaLanne an old friend of Glenn from the 30's at Santa Monica Muscle Beach and I sent Jack pictures of Glenn Sundby and the old Hall of Fame of Gymnastics and Jack LaLanne put them on his Web site,
Rick Russell smilies/smiley.gif
February 25, 2010
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Rick Russell said:

Olga had a big smile after arriving at the Gymnastic Hall of Fame
Olga arrived earlier at Glenn Sundby's Hall of Fame of Gymnastics
in Oceanside, but later Glenn suggested taking a pictures of
Olga arriving at the front door of his Gymnastic Hall of Fame and Olga
had a big smile, because we all laughing over this set up on
the picture and the picture tuned out really good, and Glenn
was thinking like a Professional Photographer smilies/smiley.gif Glenn was a good man, I Rick Russell will miss him.!/Jack.Lalanne?v=photos&ref=mf
March 04, 2010 | url
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Rick Russell said:

Glenn Sundby's Gymnastics Hall of Fame

Kids watching Olga trough glass doors at Glenn Sundby's, Private Interview at the Gymnastics Hall of Fame in Oceanside, CA smilies/smiley.gif
March 06, 2010 | url
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John Moy Lee said:

retired from Motion Picture Industry 2002
Enjoyed the article on Glenn that brought back memories of my college gymnastic days.
I met Glenn at his Modern Gymnast place in Santa Monica circa 1962-3. I wanted back copies of the magazine and later he found out I studied art and had done some part time layout work. He asked me to help out on paste-up and then wanted me to do a logo design for the upcoming new United States Gymnastic Federation. Within a day, I submitted a design idea of two stylized man/women doing handstand surrounded by an oval. Glenn loved it and eventual it became the familiar logo of the USGF. After college and then on to serving in Vietnam till 1971. Later, I reconnected with Glenn in Carlsbad by phone but never made a visit to see him, as my film projects kept me busy. I always remembered his great smile and pleasant manner. Whenever I viewed gymnastics at the Olympics, thought of Glenn crossed my mind.
January 24, 2015
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