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Written by Christian Ivanov    Saturday, 28 September 2019 16:36    PDF Print
49th World Championship To Get Underway In Stuttgart
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The global gymnastics community turns sight to Stuttgart, Germany, where for 10 days (October 4th – 13th) the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle will be the host of the 49th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. There should be enormous interest for the event, as in addition to the team, all-around and individual event titles, the majority of the Olympic qualification spots for next year’s Tokyo Olympics will be decided in Stuttgart. IG will be onsite to provide detailed coverage of the event on all social media platforms. Here are some significant facts in regard to the upcoming world championships:

  • The nominative roster released by FIG includes over 500 male and female gymnasts from 92 countries.
  • There will be 12 subdivisions for the women and 8 for the men during the qualification rounds (two full days for each).
  • On both men’s and women’s sides, nine more teams will qualify to next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. China, Russia and Japan on the men’s side and USA, Russia and China on the women’s side have already qualified by placing in the top three at last year’s world championships in Doha.
  • Individually at least 20 all-arounders on the women’s side and 12 on the men’s side will qualify to the Olympics from countries that have not already qualified through the team competition (one spot per country).
  • Top three places on an individual event will qualify to Tokyo given that their country has not already earned a team spot to the Olympics. For additional information of the 2020 Olympic qualification click here.
  • All defending champions from last year in Doha, Qatar, are scheduled to be present in Stuttgart. Simone Biles AA, VT and FX, Nina Derwael UB, Liu Tingting BB, Artur Dalaloyan AA and FX, Xiao Ruoteng PH, Eleftherios Petrounias SR, Ri Se-gwang VT, Zou Jingyuan PB and Epke Zonderland HB.
  • Simone Biles is set to extend her legacy. She is currently tied with Russian Svetlana Khorkina with 20 world medals, holds the record for the most gold medals at 14, and is looking to surpass Belarusian legend Vitaly Scherbo who holds 23 world medals. In addition, at this year's U.S. Nationals, Biles debuted two new skills; double-twisting double-tuck dismount off beam and a triple-twisting double-tuck mount on floor. Look for her to perform these two skills at any of the competitions in Stuttgart and have them named after her.
  • Below is the podium training and the competition schedule:

September 30, 2019 – Monday – Podium Training WAG - Subdivisions 1-6

October 1, 2019 – Tuesday – Podium Training WAG - Subdivisions 7-12

October 2, 2019 – Wednesday – Podium Training MAG - Subdivisions 1-4

October 3, 2019 – Thursday – Podium Training MAG - Subdivisions 5-8

October 4, 2019 – Friday

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 1: (9:00/3am ET)

VT – MxG 24 (Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Indonesia)

UB – Ukraine

BB – Australia

FX – MxG 13 (Chinese Taipei, Nigeria)

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 2: (11:00/5am ET)

VT – MxG 15 (Jamaica, Sweden)

UB – MxG 23 (Guatemala, Island)

BB – Czech Republic

FX – Belgium

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 3: (13:30/7:30am ET)

VT – Egypt

UB – Germany

BB – MxG 20 (Chile, Tunisia, Algeria, Georgia, Sri Lanka)

FX – MxG 2 (Uzbekistan, Belarus)

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 4: (15:30/9:30am ET)

VT – MxG 17 (Austria, Portugal)

UB – MxG 8 (Puerto Rico, Cuba)

BB – North Korea

FX – Korea - Vault

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 5: (18:00/12pm ET)

VT – MxG 5 (Greece, Venezuela)

UB – Romania

BB – MxG 21 (Slovenia, Poland)

FX – France

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 6: (20:00/2pm ET)

VT – China

UB – Canada

BB – MxG 4 (South Africa, Cayman Islands, Luxemburg, Ecuador)

FX – MxG 10 (Ireland, Slovakia)

October 5, 2019 – Saturday

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 7: (9:00/3am ET)

VT – MxG 12 (Vietnam, Bulgaria, Uruguay)

UB – Great Britain

BB – MxG 16 (India, Norway)

FX – Italy

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 8: (11:00/5am ET)

VT – MxG 11 (Colombia)

UB – Spain

BB – Netherlands

FX – MxG 6 (Malaysia, Croatia)

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 9: (13:30/7:30am ET)

VT – MxG 9 (Costa Rica, Peru)

UB – Mexico

BB – MxG 7 (Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia)

FX – Japan

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 10: (15:30/9:30am ET)

VT – MxG 14 (Panama, El Salvador)

UB – Argentina

BB – Russia

FX – MxG 18 (Bolivia, Israel)

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 11: (18:00/12pm ET)

VT – MxG 22 (Turkey, Denmark)

UB – Hungary

BB – Switzerland

FX – MxG 1 (Hong Kong, Cyprus)

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 12: (20:00/2pm ET)

VT – Brazil

UB – MxG 19 (New Zealand, Singapore)

BB – MxG 3 (Finland, Angola)

FX – United States

October 6, 2019 – Sunday

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 1: (10:00/4am ET)

FX: Italy

PH: Chinese Taipei

SR: Kazakhstan

VT: MxG 21 (Algeria, Israel, Monaco)

PB: MxG 19 (Ireland, Poland)

HB: MxG 2 (Austria, Kuwait, Mongolia)

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 2: (13:00/7am ET)

FX: Norway

PH: MxG 9 (Azerbaijan, Serbia, Slovakia)

SR: MxG 7 (Denmark, Vietnam)

VT: Hungary

PB: MxG 12 (Angola, Ecuador, Syria)

HB: France

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 3: (16:30/10:30am ET)

FX: Russia

PH: Belarus

SR: MxG 6 (Colombia, Guatemala, Chile)

VT: Turkey

PB: MxG 4 (Nigeria, Greece)

HB: MxG 20 (Czech Republic, Cuba, Albania)

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 4: (19:30/1:30pm ET)

FX: MxG 1 (Egypt, Bulgaria)

PH: MxG 13 (Qatar, Jordan, El Salvador)

SR: MxG 10 (Puerto Rico, Argentina, Indonesia)

VT: Spain

PB: Germany

HB: Brazil

October 7, 2019 – Monday

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 5: (10:00/4am ET)

FX: Unites States

PH: Japan

SR: Canada

VT: MxG 14 (Lithuania, Peru)

PB: MxG 8 (Jamaica, Costa Rica, Iran)

HB: MxG 23 (Mexico, Slovenia)

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 6: (13:00/7am ET)

FX: China

PH: Belgium

SR: MxG 5 (Latvia, Cyprus)

VT: Finland

PB: MxG 17 (Hong Kong, Island)

HB: Australia

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 7: (16:30/10:30am ET)

FX: Ukraine

PH: Korea

SR: MxG 22 (Croatia, Morocco, New Zealand)

VT: Great Britain

PB: MxG 18 (Venezuela, Thailand, Tunisia)

HB: MxG 11 (Sweden, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago)

Men’s Qualification, Subdivision 8: (19:30/1:30pm ET)

FX: Netherlands

PH: MxG 16 (Uruguay, North Korea, Portugal)

SR: MxG 3 (India, Armenia)

VT: Romania

PB: MxG 15 (Uzbekistan, Georgia)

HB: Switzerland

October 8, 2019 – Tuesday

Women’s Team Final (14:30/8:30am ET)

October 9, 2019 – Wednesday

Men’s Team Final (13:45/7:45am ET)

October 10, 2019 – Thursday

Women’s All-Around Final (14:00/8am ET)

October 11, 2019 – Friday

Men’s All-Around Final (14:00/8am ET)

October 12, 2019 – Saturday

Individual Event Finals Day 1 (MAG - FX, PH, SR & WAG - VT, UB (14:00/8am ET)

October 13, 2019 – Sunday

Individual Event Finals Day 2 (MAG – VT, PB, HB & WAG – BB, FX (13:00/7am ET)

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USA Gymnastics Announces Women's World Team
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At the conclusion of the women’s 2019 World Team Selection Camp, USA Gymnastics announced the six women who will represent the United States at the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, October 4-14. Defending World all-around champion Simone Biles automatically qualified to the team by winning the all-around at the first day of the training selection camp. The six-woman team will travel to Stuttgart, five of whom will be selected for the team qualification line-up a minimum of 24 hours prior to competition. In addition to Biles the team includes: Jade Carey, Kara Eaker, Sunisa Lee, Grace McCallum and MyKayla Skinner. The two non-traveling alternates are Morgan Hurd and Leanne Wong.

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Nastia Liukin to be inducted into the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame
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"Five-time Olympic and nine-time World medalist Nastia Liukin will be inducted into the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Hall of Fame on Nov. 1 in Colorado Springs, CO. The induction ceremony is being held in conjunction with the all-alumni U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Reunion", USA gymnastics announced today. For a full report click here.

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Nichols Wins NCAA All-Around
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Maggie Nichols (21) from the University of Oklahoma won the all-around title Friday night at the 2019 NCAA Championships in Fort Worth, TX. Nichols, who was the defending all-around champion, scored 39.7125 (VT 9.95, UB 9.9375, BB 9.9, FX 9.925) to edge Lexy Ramler (Minnesota) and Kyla Ross (UCLA) who tied for second with 39.6625. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) 39.65, Kennedi Edney (LSU) 39.6 and Lynnzee Brown (Denver) 39.575 rounded out the top six. Oklahoma, UCLA, LSU and Denver were the four teams to qualify to Saturday’s team final. UCLA and LSU qualified from the first semifinal session held during the day, while OU and Denver qualified from the second semifinal held in the evening.

Individual event results - Vault: four way tie for first with a 9.95 - Kyla Ross (UCLA), Kennedi Edney (LSU), Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma), Derrian Gobourne (Auburn); Bars: 1. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) 9.95, tied for 2nd Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) and Lexy Ramler (Minnesota) 9.9375; Beam: 1. Natalie Wojcik (Michigan) 9.95, 2. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) 9.9375, 3. Kaitlyn Ohashi (UCLA) 9.925; Floor: four way tie for first with a 9.95 - Kyla Ross (UCLA), Brenna Dowell (Oklahoma), Alicia Boren (Florida), Lynnzee Brown (Denver).

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Written by Christian Ivanov    Sunday, 28 October 2018 00:00    PDF Print
World Preview: Women's Qualification Day 2
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Day four at the World Championships in Doha continues with the last five subdivisions of the women’s qualifications.  Even with an average day China, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil and France should be able to join United States and Japan, the top qualifiers from day one, to the team finals.

China’s best all-arounder here in Doha is Chen Yile, but probably not a contender for the podium.  However, the team has potential for two finals on bars and beam as well as a vault final from Liu Jinru.

Russia’s podium training was very casual with many of the gymnasts receiving spots on a lot of their tumbling; however, they’ve shown better consistency as of late with the prime example being this year’s European championships where they hit 12/12 in the team final.  The Russian team is not expected to challenge the US, but just like the Chinese, their hopes are to land on the podium.  After giving birth last year to a baby girl, Aliya Mustafina is back competing for the team on bars, beam and floor.  Angelina Melnikova has potential in the all-around and floor if she manages to be consistent.  At this point Melnikova is probably Russia’s best chance for a bar final if she hits with her full difficulty.

Great Britain’s team is stacked with high level bar routines, and perhaps that is the only event where they have prospects for the individual event finals.  Becky Downie with her 6.6-set is a real possibility for a medal and even the gold if she hits perfectly.  Ellie Downie should comfortably make the all-around final.

The French team will rely on Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, who was 5th in the all-around in Montreal last year.  In addition to the all-around dos Santos has a real possibility to make finals on bars, beam and floor.  Her teammates Juliette Bossu and Marine Boyer would be aiming at a bar and beam final respectively.

Ellie Black, silver medalist in the all-around in Montreal is Canada’s best chance of a medal again.  Black also made the vault, beam and floor finals last year and could get in any of them depending on the quality of her performances.  Brooklyn Moors, one of the most artistic gymnasts currently plans to compete on floor Podkopaeva (double front half out), layout to double front and 2 ½ to front full and if she hits could repeat making the final.  Teammate Shallon Olsen, Rio Olympics vault finalist, plans a Cheng and a Yurchenko double twist and could make final if she lands both.

Under the new leadership of Valery Liukin the explosive team of Brazil could be one of the dark horses here in Doha.  With a strong performance the team should not only make team finals but also place ahead of many of the team finalists and perhaps get on the podium if one of the top teams opens the door.  Flavia Saraiva, Rio Olympics beam finalist, could challenge for a medal on that event.  We should also expect to see her in the all-around final.

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