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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 22 November 2015 12:42    PDF Print
Russia's Melnikova Masters Elite Gym Massilia
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Junior European champion Angelina Melnikova (Russia) captured the all-around title at the 2015 Elite Gym Massilia, held this weekend in Marseille, France.

Junior European champion Angelina Melnikova (Russia) captured the all-around title at the 2015 Elite Gym Massilia, held this weekend at the Palais des Sports de Marseille.

The international portion of the competition featured nearly 100 gymnasts from 10 nations, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Romania and Russia. The gymnasts were divided into two levels, Open and Master, for the team and all-around competitions, and the best from each division advanced to a combined apparatus final on Sunday.

Veteran Marine Brevet led France to the Master team title over Russia and Romania. Russia had led France going into the final rotation, 128.050-127.850, but wobbly beam routines dropped them behind the host team, who performed well on bars.

Melnikova, who turns 16 next July, won the Master all-around title with 57.500. She had her best performance on uneven bars, where she competed an inside-Stalder, inside-Stalder-full, inside-Stalder-Shaposhnikova (Komova II) to Pak; Maloney-half; inside-Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger; full-twisting double (6.4D/15.000). On balance beam, she had a large wobble on her ff, ff, two-foot layout, but recovered well, also competing a punch front; side somi; double turn, RO double pike (5.9/13.900). She also scored 13.900 on floor exercise (stuck piked full-in; two whips to double tuck; double twist; double pike).

Brevet took second all-around (56.950) over Romanian Olympian Diana Bulimar, who had the top score on floor exercise with 14.600 (double layout; piked full-in; double pike).

France swept the all-around medals in the Open division. Juliette Bossu, 15, of Pôle France Saint-Étienne won the gold medal over clubmate Lorette Charpy, the 2015 junior national champion. Coline Devillard (INSEP/Amicale Lay Digoin)

Romania was the most successful nation in apparatus finals, winning three of the four titles. Bulimar took the gold on floor exercise, and world team member won both vault and balance beam. Russia's Natalia Kapitonova won uneven bars, showing showing very strong handstand positions (Stalder-full; Komova II; Pak; Maloney-half; inside-Stalder full to Tkatchev; toe-full to full-twisting double).

The November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris resulted in the cancellation of the "Planet Gym," a children's open house planned for November 16-20 at the arena. However, the competition was held as scheduled, including three lower levels featuring more than 150 gymnasts aged 9-13 years old.

External Link: Official Website

2015 Elite Gym Massilia
November 20-22, Marseille, France

Master Massilia TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
6.France Open 241.60040.30038.50038.300158.700
7.France Open 142.20039.10037.65039.450158.400
8.France Open Junior40.85038.70038.35038.550156.450

Open Massilia TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.France Open 143.03340.43340.00039.733163.200
2.France Open Junior41.56738.56742.03338.233160.400
3.France Open 241.26739.70037.36738.767157.100
5.Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield40.33336.16734.36737.433148.300
6.Pôle France Marseille39.80033.53336.93337.433147.700
9.ASCM Toulon39.26731.70032.33335.967139.267
10.Avant Garde Le Mans 238.43330.33331.76733.567134.100
11.Gym Pays d'Aix38.03329.40032.26733.600133.300
12.CIR Sud Ouest38.66727.53331.80033.667131.667
13.Avant Garde Le Mans36.70027.63331.83334.167130.333

Master Massilia All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Angelina Melnikova5.814.7006.415.0005.913.9005.613.90057.500
2.Marine Brevet5.014.4005.514.0505.714.6005.413.90056.950
3.Diana Bulimar5.014.3005.313.7005.714.3005.714.60056.900
4.Natalia Kapitonova5.014.2006.515.3005.813.5505.513.70056.750
5.Nina Derwael5.014.0506.614.0505.614.2505.313.95056.300
6.Enus Mariani5.013.9505.814.3005.413.9505.213.70055.900
7.Marine Boyer5.014.4005.313.6006.213.9505.413.60055.550
8.Laura Jurca5.813.5505.513.8005.414.1505.713.85055.350
9.Loan His5.014.2505.714.4005.213.5005.313.20055.350
10.Elisa Meneghini5.313.8005.413.4505.513.3505.714.45055.050
11.Axelle Klinckaert5.014.4005.213.3006.112.8005.614.45054.950
12.Daria Skrypnik5.013.9506.313.4005.513.4005.413.75054.500
13.Maria Holbură5.013.6505.213.6006.013.4505.313.50054.200
14.Lorette Charpy5.013.3005.613.8005.613.7005.213.25054.050
15.Oréane Lechenault5.014.0505.814.2005.612.7505.312.80053.800
16.Alison Lepin5.013.8506.314.4005.612.8005.112.60053.650
17.Martina Maggio5.014.1005.113.7005.112.9005.112.60053.300
18.Daniela Ciurușniuc5.013.6505.213.4505.112.7005.513.20053.000
19.Juliette Bossu5.013.9005.313.6005.411.6505.513.10052.250
20.Francesca Noemi Linari5.013.6005.012.7505.612.8005.512.90052.050
21.Camille Bahl5.814.2005.212.0005.212.3005.313.40051.900
22.Yevgenia Shelgunova5.813.1505.911.6505.812.9505.713.85051.600
23.Senna Deriks5.012.3505.612.7505.113.3505.113.10051.550
24.Coline Devillard5.814.1004.912.6005.611.8505.312.95051.500
25.Alisson Lapp5.013.6503.712.1505.712.7004.912.90051.400
26.Mathilde Dal Zovo5.013.7004.811.7005.012.9504.612.05050.400
27.Clara Beugnon5.013.5004.611.5004.912.4005.012.90050.300
28.Lea Marques5.013.1004.812.7505.010.9004.712.40049.150
29.Julie Meyers5.014.0005.113.6004.99.9004.910.85048.350
30.Morgane Osyssek5.013.9004.69.8505.411.9505.311.95047.650
31.Grâce Charpy5.012.9005.113.5004.812.75039.150
32.Claire Martin6.015.0005.113.75028.750

Open Massilia All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Juliette BossuFrance Open 1n/a14.0335.313.7005.413.1335.513.60054.467
2.Lorette CharpyFrance Open Junior13.1005.614.1005.813.8675.212.93354.000
3.Coline DevillardFrance Open 114.3675.012.5675.914.0335.512.56753.533
4.Camille BahlFrance Open 114.6335.213.1335.412.1335.313.13353.033
5.Oréane LéchenaultFrance Open 214.1335.813.9005.612.4334.412.40052.867
6.Alisson LappFrance Open Junior13.7333.611.6675.514.2004.913.10052.700
7.Alison LepinFrance Open 213.4676.113.0335.412.7675.112.83352.100
8.Eliza FreemanAustralia13.4334.912.2335.513.0675.112.96751.700
9.Victoria JurcaGym-Fly13.1335.012.1335.513.0005.413.36751.633
10.Jessica HutchinsonSilvia's Gymnastics14.0003.511.1674.812.9334.613.30051.400
11.Émilie DumontViagym13.8005.212.6335.113.0334.811.66751.133
12.Morgane OsyssekFrance Open Junior14.1004.710.7335.513.9675.412.20051.000
13.Myrthe PotomsBelgium13.0004.711.5335.013.5674.612.70050.800
14.Maellyse BrassartBelgium14.0004.511.4005.612.3335.012.96750.700
15.Léa MarquesFrance Open Junior13.7334.812.8004.911.8334.912.16750.533
16.Fiona OkePôle France Marseille13.6334.511.5674.712.4334.812.83350.467
17.Clara BeugnonFrance Open 213.6674.712.3674.910.7675.113.40050.200
18.Mayra VaquieCAV Sarsfield13.2004.612.0675.111.5334.712.50049.300
19.Mélissande SimoninSaint-Lô13.5673.310.7675.212.4674.812.43349.233
20.Loïcia PorteSaint-Lô13.2334.411.7004.811.8674.712.33349.133
21.Megan PhillipsGymnix13.0334.711.9335.210.9674.913.13349.067
22.Ines Ben RhoumaPôle France Marseille13.3333.49.7675.112.9335.012.66748.700
23.Agustina PisosCAV Sarsfield12.7004.010.8675.012.2674.312.60048.433
24.Camila Sofia BonzoCAV Sarsfield13.5334.612.0004.810.1004.612.33347.967
26.Alysson TruchardASCM Toulon13.0334.211.2005.011.0004.912.66747.900
25.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym-Fly12.1335.310.3335.513.5004.711.93347.900
28.Raquel GilAvant Garde Le Mans12.8672.610.2334.712.9333.811.73347.767
27.Tamara Jacqueline CascoCAV Sarsfield13.6004.512.1004.910.5674.811.50047.767
29.Alisée AicardiASCM Toulon13.4334.011.3004.910.7005.212.20047.633
30.Gaëlle MahéPôle France Marseille12.8333.111.0004.811.3004.311.90047.033
31.Camille CaruanaPôle France Marseille12.4333.410.9674.511.5674.611.93346.900
32.Romane FontaineDunkerque13.1673.19.4674.912.4674.711.76746.867
33.Myrelle MorinGymnix12.6332.09.2334.712.3674.512.10046.333
34.Justine JoletGym Pays d'Aix13.0333.810.0674.711.9004.511.10046.100
35.Pauline GracPôle France Marseille12.9002.09.9673.410.9334.311.63345.433
36.Clémence BehierCIR Sud Ouest13.6001.49.4004.39.9674.212.13345.100
37.Sarah CollAvant Garde Le Mans 211.9673.410.5333.811.1004.111.46745.067
38.Adélaïde ChallesSaint-Lô12.8002.59.1674.011.4334.211.53344.933
39.Elly GilbertViagym12.6333.09.6674.012.3333.710.20044.833
40.Marine LebauxGym Pays d'Aix12.7332.710.6674.09.4674.211.83344.700
41.Violeta SanchezAvant Garde Le Mans 213.2673.210.4673.510.3674.110.43344.533
42.Margaux VallanceSaint-Lô12.2331.99.1674.111.4673.711.30044.167
43.Chloé LeblicqBelgium13.2003.88.6674.910.0004.612.03343.900
44.Shaed SakrAvant Garde Le Mans13.2004.39.8674.88.5674.712.10043.733
45.Loeza FlochBretagne13.1672.79.6674.110.0004.110.76743.600
46.Marina GonzalezAvant Garde Le Mans 212.5672.79.3333.910.3003.311.10043.300
47.Romane CabrolCIR Sud Ouest12.3332.89.6333.010.7333.310.53343.233
48.Maëlle Dumitru MarinBretagne13.3332.17.7334.09.9674.412.16743.200
50.Christina VivesAvant Garde Le Mans12.9672.58.9334.09.5004.011.46742.867
49.Manon StrosbergDunkerque 13.2672.59.6674.69.0004.510.93342.867
51.Mey Lyn AntonCIR Sud Ouest12.1001.38.5003.811.1003.111.00042.700
52.Miléna DamiantheASCM Toulon12.1673.49.2004.59.9334.511.10042.400
53.Claudia SalatAvant Garde Le Mans 212.6002.98.1004.19.9004.311.00041.600
54.Alice BellangerBretagne12.6672.08.8673.48.3674.211.10041.000
55.Éva SalvadorGym Pays d'Aix12.2671.18.6673.29.2003.210.63340.767
56.Grace CharpyFrance Open 15.213.6004.912.8334.813.00039.433
57.Alexandra EadeAustralia14.0335.611.9005.513.33339.267
58.Cécilia FlouchipCIR Sud Ouest12.7331.55.4003.99.6004.310.36738.100
59.Mathilde Dal ZovoFrance Open 24.812.7674.712.1674.612.53337.467
60.Valentina ContrerasCAV Sarsfield12.5004.011.3003.311.13334.933
61.Olessya DademaFuntastic Gymnastic Club12.7331.96.6673.35.9673.78.93334.300
62.Émilie LartinASCM Toulon12.8005.110.6334.510.50033.933
63.Kendall WhitmanSilvia's Gymnastics3.08.9334.110.8003.911.23330.967
64.Ivet RiboAvant Garde Le Mans10.8672.47.0004.110.96728.833
65.Roser SenmartiAvant Garde Le Mans2.48.4673.29.4003.610.96728.833
66.Lena StockhausenGym Pays d'Aix3.310.9004.510.66721.567
67.Chloé TertraisBretagne3.39.3003.59.46718.767

Top Massilia VaultVT1VT2Average
1.Laura Jurca13.86714.63314.250
2.Axelle Klinckaert14.16714.10014.133
3.Camille Bahl14.43313.70014.067
4.Marine Boyer14.16713.80013.983
5.Jessica Hutchinson13.86713.83313.850
6.Coline Devillard14.30013.26713.783
7.Alison Lepin13.70013.23313.467

Top Massilia Uneven BarsDENDScore
1.Natalia Kapitonova6.58.76715.267
2.Enus Mariani5.88.46714.267
3.Oréane Léchenault5.88.06713.867
4.Alison Lepin5.97.83313.733
5.Angelina Melnikova6.37.33313.633
6.Loan His5.87.43313.233

Top Massilia Balance BeamDENDScore
1.Laura Jurca5.68.26713.867
2.Enus Mariani5.48.33313.733
3.Nina Derwael5.68.10013.700
4.Marine Brevet5.78.00013.700
5.Diana Bulimar5.77.93313.633
6.Claire Martin5.47.73313.133

Top Massilia Floor ExerciseDENDScore
1.Diana Bulimar5.78.53314.233
2.Axelle Klinckaert5.68.50014.100
3.Marine Brevet5.48.66714.067
4.Elisa Meneghini5.78.26713.967
5.Nina Derwael5.38.43313.733
6.Angelina Melnikova5.66.96712.567

Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 16 November 2015 11:49    PDF Print
France Hosts Tournament to Affirm Sport as 'Symbol of Respect and Brotherhood'
(1 vote, average 5.00 out of 5)

French, Swiss and American gymnasts were among the winners at the 19th annual Combs-la-Ville international, a women's junior tournament held Saturday and Sunday in the Parisian suburb.

French, Swiss and American gymnasts were among the winners at the 19th annual Combs-la-Ville international, a women's junior tournament held Saturday and Sunday in the Parisian suburb.

The competition was held in the shadow of Friday's terrorist attacks that killed at least 132 people in Paris and Saint-Denis. All weekend sporting events were canceled in Île-de-France, the department surrounding Paris, but organizers nevertheless decided to carry on with the gymnastics competition in Combs-la-Ville, which lies about an hour southeast of the capital.

Organizers from the club stated the decision after receiving the approval of the French Gymnastics Federation and support from Guy Geoffroy, the Deputy Mayor of Combs-la-Ville.

"All the volunteers, judges, coaches and spectators chose to demonstrate that, despite the tragic events of Friday, November 13, sport is a symbol of respect and brotherhood among nations. The tournament was held and dignified, solemn tribute was paid to the victims of the attacks before the competition on Saturday and Sunday. We are grateful for all the officials who directly or indirectly gave us this choice."

Gymnasts from Russia (Moscow Dinamo) and Egypt withdrew, but the competition included gymnasts from across Europe, as well as the United States, Canada, and Argentina. The women's event featured international level at the junior and espoir (hopes) level.

French gymnast Mélissa Poitreau (Alliance Dijon Gym 21) won the junior competition over Aneta Holasová (Czech Republic) and teammate Léanne Bourgeois (Avoine Beaumont Gymnastique).

In Sunday's apparatus finals, Poitreau won bars and won floor exercise. American Jessica Hutchinson, daughter of 1992 Bulgarian Olympian Silvia Mitova, won both vault and balance beam titles.

The Swiss dominated the espoir competition with five of the six titles. Leonie Meier crushed the competition, winning the all-around by nearly 4 points over teammate Anina Wildi and France's Carolann Heduit (Avoine Beaumont Gymnastique).

Meier added balance beam and floor titles in the espoir finals. Wildi won uneven bars and Clara Gandrey (Pôle Espoir Dijon) won vault.

External Link: Official Website

19th Combs-la-Ville International
November 14-15, 2015, Combs-la-Ville, France

Junior TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
5.Silvia's Gymnastics13.80019.95022.95024.35081.050
7.Argentina 113.8009.95010.45012.30046.500

Espoirs TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Switzerland 127.56726.70024.70027.750106.717
3.Pôle Espoir Dijon26.63321.55025.75024.95098.883
5.Pôle Espoir Meaux25.60020.50025.30024.65096.050
6.Combs La Ville 125.93319.90024.35024.70094.883
8.Belgium 125.86720.35022.25023.95092.417
10.Pôle Espoir Meaux 125.46719.50023.50022.35090.817
13.Combs La Ville24.43318.10020.45020.85083.833

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Mélissa PoitreauFrance20015.014.2335.212.5005.814.1004.812.30053.133
2.Aneta HolasováPrague20015.014.0335.812.2005.812.5505.413.85052.633
3.Léanne BourgeoisFrance20005.013.7335.312.5005.313.2005.312.65052.083
4.Assia KhnifassFrance20015.013.7005.913.2505.513.0504.311.15051.150
5.Vendula MěrkováPrague20014.212.7334.912.3505.113.3004.612.75051.133
6.Agustina PisosArgentina20014.012.3674.912.7504.612.7004.512.95050.767
7.Tamara CascoArgentina20004.413.3004.912.5004.511.7505.012.90050.450
8.Fabienne StuderSwitzerland20014.012.5334.812.5004.712.5004.512.85050.383
9.Adéla MěrkováPrague20014.213.0334.511.3005.313.1004.812.80050.233
10.Mayra VaquieArgentina20005.013.5335.412.3504.812.6004.211.05049.533
11.Jessica HutchinsonSilvia’s Gymnastics20015.013.8005.110.0503.512.9004.012.25049.000
12.Lynn GenhartSwitzerland20014.012.8334.411.5005.111.4004.712.65048.383
13.Fabienne StrubSwitzerland20014.212.7004.810.7004.411.3504.912.80047.550
14.Maeva GeneSeine et Marne20014.012.5674.611.5504.811.9504.911.00047.067
15.Camila BonzoArgentina20015.013.8004.69.9504.810.4504.512.30046.500
16.Kendall WhitmanSilvia’s Gymnastics20013.79.9003.210.0504.612.10032.050
17.Rinke SantyBelgium20015.113.00013.000

Espoir All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Leonie MeierSwitzerland20025.013.8675.213.3505.413.7005.214.10055.017
2.Anina WildiSwitzerland20024.613.7005.013.3505.110.7005.113.65051.400
3.Carolann HeduitFrance20035.013.7675.211.9505.212.4005.312.00050.117
4.Clara GandreyPôle Espoir Dijon20025.013.6334.210.3505.113.2504.912.75049.983
5.Anny WuSwitzerland20024.012.9674.912.7504.611.0004.612.60049.317
6.Blanche BéziaudPôle Espoir Dijon20034.413.0004.211.2004.312.5004.612.20048.900
7.Aglaé Adam­CuvillierPôle Espoir20034.412.8673.410.9005.012.4004.912.70048.867
8.Kristýna BrabcováCzech Republic20024.212.6334.09.9005.113.5504.712.55048.633
9.Dominika PonížilováCzech Republic20024.613.5002.410.8005.211.7504.412.45048.500
10.Yatonde KokoloCombs La Ville20024.413.4002.810.0004.312.1504.612.85048.400
11.Veronika ŠebákováCzech Republic20024.212.9004.712.0004.99.9505.012.75047.600
12.Nina FerrazziniSwitzerland20034.012.8003.110.7504.612.0504.111.80047.400
13.Marina PhemiusCombs La Ville20024.012.5333.19.9005.012.2004.611.85046.483
14.Noémie LouonBelgium20044.212.9671.39.9003.910.9004.612.50046.267
15.Camille CaruanaFrance20024.412.9003.39.8504.711.6504.211.85046.250
16.Jennifer BorielloSwitzerland20034.012.6673.210.7504.211.5503.811.25046.217
17.Maria LastouskayaBelarus20024.213.1672.37.5504.812.5504.812.40045.667
18.Marine BarbeletPôle Espoir20034.012.7332.29.6004.411.3504.511.95045.633
19.Elsa BernierPôle Espoir20024.412.8673.810.2004.711.5004.210.95045.517
20.Eva MederFrance20044.012.9673.49.3504.411.9504.311.20045.467
21.Amy LejeuneBelgium20034.412.9003.810.4504.510.8504.611.20045.400
22.Salsa TounanPôle Espoir20044.012.4672.19.0005.012.9004.611.00045.367
23.Charlene BirinPôle Espoir20044.012.6001.39.3004.712.0003.811.40045.300
24.Mia Saint-PierreGym-Fly20034.012.7672.39.7004.510.8004.911.60044.867
25.Olivia AraujoArgentina20034.012.5673.27.7504.812.8504.511.55044.717
26.Chloé DufaultGym-Fly20044.012.5332.38.2004.611.4504.712.45044.633
27.Audrey FoucaultGym-Fly20023.812.1002.48.6005.311.5004.312.05044.250
28.Sophia KolaBelgium20034.012.1335.09.1002.111.3504.211.45044.033
29.Chloé StoreyBelgium20034.212.7001.59.1004.211.0003.010.70043.500
30.Neïla DamriBelgium20044.012.1672.18.8503.811.5003.910.85043.367
31.Mirtill MakovitsBudapest20044.012.9673.29.4003.29.5003.711.40043.267
32.Luna CassartBelgium20034.212.4334.29.0004.210.2504.411.50043.183
33.Louna YvrayPôle Espoir Dijon20043.812.4002.68.0004.910.8503.811.65042.900
34.Olivia VanhornSilvia’s Gymnastics20033.812.5333.77.3502.19.5504.412.90042.333
35.Gloria GomezCombs La Ville20024.412.4334.18.7002.610.3503.710.40041.883
36.Anhelina ShyshlaBelarus20034.012.6335.17.2502.09.2004.511.85040.933
37.Sofya SharokhBelarus20024.011.6331.87.9503.99.0503.99.30037.933
38.Charlotte Van Der Sluis-BadicsBudapest20044.011.1330.93.8503.810.7503.811.25036.983
39.Nina MonacoCombs La Ville20023.812.0002.810.1003.710.45032.550
40.Jade CimoradskyCombs La Ville20023.79.4003.79.9003.910.10029.400

Junior Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Jessica HutchinsonSilvia’s Gymnastics5.09.00014.00014.167
. 5.39.03314.333
2.Mélissa PoitreauFrance5.09.0000.113.90014.150
. 5.88.60014.400
3.Mayra VaquieArgentina5.08.7000.113.60013.617
. 4.78.93313.633
4.Assia KhnifassFrance5.08.70013.70013.483
. 4.48.86713.267
5.Tamara CascoArgentina4.48.83313.23313.267
. 4.68.70013.300
6.Aneta HolasováPrague5.08.30013.30013.117
. 4.28.73312.933

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Mélissa PoitreauFrance5.17.26712.367
2.Vendula MěrkováPrague5.07.10012.100
3.Assia KhnifassFrance5.36.80012.100
4.Fabienne StuderSwitzerland4.66.63311.233
5.Agustina PisosArgentina4.36.53310.833
6.Tamara CascoArgentina4.85.83310.633

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Jessica HutchinsonSilvia’s Gymnastics5.07.73312.733
2.Agustina PisosArgentina5.17.46712.567
3.Vendula MěrkováPrague5.17.3670.112.367
4.Léanne BourgeoisFrance4.87.53312.333
5.Mélissa PoitreauFrance5.66.53312.133
6.Adéla MěrkováPrague5.26.60011.800

Junior Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Aneta HolasováPrague5.58.13313.633
2.Fabienne StuderSwitzerland4.68.4000.112.900
3.Agustina PisosArgentina4.58.26712.767
4.Adéla MěrkováPrague4.78.06712.767
5.Fabienne StrubSwitzerland4.97.60012.500
6.Tamara CascoArgentina4.95.7000.110.500

Espoir Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Clara GandreyPôle Espoir Dijon5.08.76713.76713.517
. 4.48.87013.267
2.Carolann HeduitFrance5.08.20013.20013.000
. 4.08.80012.800
3.Amy LejeuneBelgium4.08.75012.75012.550
. 4.28.15012.350
4.Maria LastouskayaBelarus4.28.57012.76712.458
. 3.88.4500.112.150
5.Dominika PonížilováPrague4.28.80013.00012.000
. 4.28.8002.011.000
6.Blanche BéziaudPôle Espoir Dijon4.08.60012.60011.525
. 4.08.4502.010.450

Espoir Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Anina WildiSwitzerland5.08.03313.033
2.Leonie MeierSwitzerland5.27.60012.800
3.Carolann HeduitFrance5.17.03312.133
4.Manon MullerBelgium4.37.80012.100
5.Veronika ŠebákováPrague5.06.40011.400
6.Blanche BéziaudPôle Espoir Dijon4.26.53310.733
7.Aglaé Adam­CuvillierPôle Espoir Meaux3.56.60010.100

Espoirs Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Leonie MeierSwitzerland5.28.30013.500
2.Clara GandreyPôle Espoir Dijon5.37.47012.767
3.Olivia AraujoArgentina4.87.33012.133
4.Salsa TounanPôle Espoir Meaux5.06.73011.733
5.Maria LastouskayaBelarus5.06.67011.667
6.Kristýna BrabcováPrague4.96.10011.000

Espoirs Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Leonie MeierSwitzerland5.08.46713.467
2.Anina WildiSwitzerland5.18.30013.400
3.Veronika ŠebákováPrague5.27.90013.100
4.Clara GandreyPôle Espoir Dijon4.97.70012.600
5.Olivia VanhornSilvia’s Gymnastics4.47.76712.167
6.Yatonde KokoloCombs La Ville4.57.40011.900
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Kysla, Vernyayev Win First Swiss Cup for Ukraine
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Angelina Kysla and Oleg Vernyayev paired up Sunday to bring Ukraine its first victory at the annual Swiss Cup, held at the Hallenstadion in Zurich.

Angelina Kysla and Oleg Vernyayev paired up Sunday to bring Ukraine its first victory at the annual Swiss Cup, held at the Hallenstadion in Zurich.

Now in its 33rd edition, the Swiss Cup pairs a female and male gymnast, each competing one event per round. Eight teams advance to the semifinal and four teams advance to the final. Gymnasts who choose compete on vault must show two different vaults for an average of the two scores. The gymnasts cannot compete the same event through the first three rounds of competition, but can compete any event in the four-team final.

Fourth in 2014, this year Kysla and Vernyayev came out victorious over Romanians Larisa Iordache and Marius Berbecar, 29.925-29.850. The German pair of Pauline Schäfer and Andreas Bretschneider took third over the host team's Ilaria Käslin and Pablo Brägger.

Vernyayev, who along with Iordache won the Arthur Gander Memorial on Wednesday in Morges, powered Ukraine to first with top-notch routines. In in the first rounds, he scored 15.500 on pommel horse and 15.800 on parallel bars, which combined with Kysla's 13.350 on floor exercise and 13.775 average on vault (Yurchenko full and piked handspring front) gave Ukraine a second-best 58.275 going into the semi-final. He scored 15.100 on still rings, which with Kysla's low 12.300 on uneven bars (break on giant and fall on dismount) was enough to help Ukraine qualify third into the final round. In their winning sets, Kysla once again opted for vault (13.875) while Vernyayev went for broke on parallel bars, competing a 7.2-Difficulty set for 16.050, the highest score in Zurich.

Like Vernyayev, Iordache paced her team with hit routines, starting with 15.050 on beam, 14.700 on floor and 14.500 on uneven bars. In the final she delivered 14.950 on balance beam, with just a small wobble on her double turn and hop on triple twist dismount, Berbecar, despite a fall on parallel bars in the first round, this time hit for 14.900.

Schäfer and Bretschneider, the leaders going into both the semi-final and final, slipped to third as Bretschneider fell off high bar on his own element (double-twisting Kovacs) in the final.

Romania is the most successful nation in the competition's history, with eight outright victories (1986-1988, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2013) and two championships that included a Romanian gymnast paired with an athlete from another nation (1984 and 2002). China (1985, 2005, 2008) and German (2009, 2010, 2012) have each won three times.

External Link: Official website

33rd Swiss Cup
Nov. 8, 2015, Zurich

TeamRound 1Round 2SemifinalTotalFinale
1. Ukraine85.67529.925
Angelina Kysla5.213.35013.7755.712.30013.875
Oleg Vernyayev7.115.5007.015.6506.615.1007.216.050
2. Romania85.22529.850
Larisa Iordache6.415.0506.114.7006.114.5006.314.900
Marius Berbecar13.0256.514.9005.113.0506.214.950
3. Germany 287.42528.250
Pauline Schäfer5.714.2005.414.25014.1255.714.250
Andreas Bretschneider6.314.9506.614.9506.314.9506.514.000
4. Switzerland 284.95027.000
Ilaria Käslin5.613.1005.514.0005.312.5005.612.800
Pablo Brägger6.514.6007.015.6506.315.1006.714.200
5. Japan84.750
Yuki Uchiyama6.113.5005.513.5504.912.150
Kazuma Kaya6.915.5006.614.7506.615.300
6. Switzerland 183.900
Laura Schulte5.112.7005.012.65013.525
Claudio Capelli6.115.1006.415.25014.675
7. Canada/Great Britain83.750
Victoria-Kayen Woo5.013.2005.513.6005.513.650
Courtney Tulloch5.914.3506.615.1005.913.850
8. Mexico82.575
Alexa Moreno5.411.05014.8255.712.850
Daniel Corral6.415.1006.414.5006.414.250
9. Germany 154.950
Elisabeth Seitz6.514.5504.511.400
Sebastian Krimmer5.714.5006.114.500
10. France53.800
Camille Bahl5.313.1505.413.500
Julien Gobaux6.213.8505.913.300

Swiss Cup Champions, 1982-2014

2014Daria SpiridonovaNikita Ignatyev
2013Larisa IordacheAndrei V. Muntean
2012Elisabeth SeitzFabian Hambüchen
2011Giulia SteingruberClaudio Capelli
2010Elisabeth SeitzFabian Hambüchen
2009Kim BuiMatthias Fahrig
2008He NingLu Bo
2007Steliana NistorFlavius Koczi
2006Oksana ChusovitinaJordan Jovtchev
2005Han BingTeng Haibin
2004Catalina PonorMarius Urzica
2003Oana BanMarian Dragulescu
2002Monica RosuPhilippe Rizzo
2001Silvia StroescuMarian Dragulescu
2000Yelena ZamolodchikovaAlexei Bondarenko
1994-1999 Individual event competition
1993Yelena PiskunVitaly Scherbo
1992Svetlana BoginskayaVitaly Scherbo
1991Shannon MillerScott Keswick
1990Natalia LaschenovaValery Belenky
1989Kim ZmeskalLance Ringnald
1988Gabriela PotoracMarius Toba
1987Daniela SilivasNicusor Pascu
1986Ecaterina SzaboMarian Rizan
1985Yang YanliLi Ning
1984Simona PaucaDaniel Wunderlin
1983Not Held
1982Natalia SoloveyaDmitry Bilozerchev

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Iordache, Vernyayev Win Gander Memorial
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Larisa Iordache (Romania) and Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine) won the all-around titles Wednesday at the 32nd annual Arthur Gander Memorial in Morges, Switzerland.

Larisa Iordache and Oleg Vernyayev

Fresh — or fatigued — off their medal-winning performances at last week's world championships in Glasgow, Iordache and Vernyayev both took their second Arthur Gander titles, with Iordache winning in 2013 and Vernyayev in 2014. The relaxed event uses a modified all-around system, with the women competing any three events and the men competing four.

Iordache, the all-around bronze medalist in Glasgow, competed on vault, balance beam and floor exercise to easily win the title. Second to Russia's Daria Spiridonova in 2014, Iordache sailed to victory this time, amassing a 2-point margin over second place Pauline Schäfer (Germany). Schäfer, the bronze medalist on beam in Glasgow, also skipped uneven bars as did bronze medalist Diana Bulimar (Romania).

Russia's Anastasia Dmitrieva took fourth all-around ahead of Switzerland's Ilaria Käslin. The elegant Käslin had the top score on balance beam with 14.300.

Vernyayev performed four polished routines (skipping floor exercise and high bar) to defend his title by nearly 2 points ahead of Japan's Kazuma Kaya. Vernyayev, after his disappointing fourth place in the all-around in Glasgow, nailed his routine this time on pommel horse for 15.500 (7.0 Difficulty). His 16.200 on parallel bars was the highest mark of the day.

Kaya, the youngest member of Japan's world champion team in Glasgow, skipped floor exercise and rings en route to second. He earned his high score on pommel horse with 15.300, where he won a bronze at worlds.

Switzerland's Christian Baumann placed third over teammate Oliver Hegi.

Iordache and Vernyayev also won the special trophies as the top scorers on women's floor exercise and men's parallel bars, respectively.

First held in 1984, the annual competition honors the legendary Arthur Gander, the former president of the International Gymnastics Federation. Gander, a native of Bern, was a considerable influence on the development of gymnastics. He organized the first international judges course and created the first official Code of Points. The competition alternates each year between the cities of Morges and Chiasso.

Most of the field in Morges now heads to Zurich for Sunday's Swiss Cup, a mixed-pairs competition.

External Link: Swiss Gymnastics Federation

32nd Arthur Gander Memorial
November 4, 2015, Morges, Switzerland

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa Iordache5.814.9006.30014.0506.014.55043.500
2.Pauline Schäfer5.414.3005.80013.7005.313.50041.500
3.Diana Bulimar5.013.8505.50013.6005.713.95041.400
4.Anastasia Dmitrieva5.214.0005.60013.6005.613.00040.600
5.Ilaria Käslin5.013.7505.112.1005.90014.30040.150
6.Victoria Woo5.013.6005.512.9005.013.30039.800
7.Alexa Moreno5.013.9005.60012.2505.613.50039.650
8.Yuki Uchiyama5.013.6505.912.6005.313.25039.500
9.Enus Mariani5.013.5505.512.6505.30013.10039.300
10.Angelina Kysla5.013.9505.611.6005.612.30037.850
11.Raer Theaker5.014.1002.89.85023.950

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Oleg Vernyayev7.015.5006.60014.9006.015.2007.116.20061.800
2.Kazuma Kaya6.815.3005.615.0506.414.7006.614.90059.950
3.Christian Baumann6.314.1005.214.2506.415.2506.114.70058.300
4.Oliver Hegi6.114.0005.214.6006.114.6006.514.80058.000
5.Andreas Bretschneider6.30013.9005.214.4006.413.3507.315.95057.600
6.Courtney Tulloch6.014.6505.713.7506.40014.8005.613.65056.850
7.Julien Gobaux6.113.8505.80013.7006.214.8005.413.85056.200
8.Daniel Corral6.114.5006.414.8505.80013.9006.012.30055.550
9.Enrico Pozzo5.613.0503.612.9505.514.2506.114.10054.350
10.Mikhail Kudashov6.013.8005.813.2505.614.6004.59.85051.500
11.Marius Berbecar3.810.6005.613.3506.213.8005.013.00050.750
12.Zachary Clay2.84.8504.850
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Iordache Leads Romania to Victory in Italy
(2 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Larisa Iordache led Romania to victory over Italy, Belgium and Spain on Saturday at the 2nd Novara Cup in Novara, Italy.

2012 Olympian Larisa Iordache led Romania to victory over Italy, Belgium and Spain on Saturday in Novara, Italy.

The Romanians' strength on vault — where they averaged above 14.70 — powered them over the host nation, 226.50-225.15. Belgium claimed third with 218.55, while Spain struggled to fourth (211.20).

Italy had the best team total on floor exercise, while Laura Waem led Belgium to first on uneven bars.

Iordache earned the highest score on every event to easily take the all-around title with 59.75. She had her highest scores on balance beam (ff, tucked full; RO two-foot layout; double turn; RO ff triple twist; 15.30) and vault (double-twisting Yurchenko, 15.00). She performed confidently on uneven bars Stalder-full to Maloney, back uprise pirouette to blind change, Jaeger; toe-on piked Tkatchev to Pak; Maloney-half; toe-full to stuck full-twisting double; 14.85) and on floor exercise (tucked and piked full-ins; triple twist; double pike; 14.60).

2012 Italian Olympian Carlotta Ferlito (56.30) took second all-around, edging teammate Elisa Meneghini (56.10).

Two-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica López placed eighth all-around with the second-best score on uneven bars (14.60).

National uneven bars champion Martina Rizzelli suffered an injury last week, said Enrico Casella, Italy's national technical director. All seven of Italy's gymnasts in Novaro will go to Glasgow for the world championships beginning at the end of the month, he said.

2nd Novara Cup (Italy vs. Belgium/Romania/Spain)
October 10, 2015, Novara, Italy

1. Romania58.8554.4556.8556.35226.50
Larissa Iordache15.0014.8515.3014.60
Diana Bulimar14.1012.9014.2514.35
Laura Jurca14.8012.2013.8513.80
Ana Maria Ocolișan14.7012.8513.4513.60
Silvia Zarzu14.3512.1513.3012.85
Andreea Iridon13.8512.90
2. Italy56.7054.6556.6557.15225.15
Carlotta Ferlito14.2513.4514.6014.00
Elisa Meneghini14.4513.0514.2014.40
Enus Mariani13.9514.1013.8513.45
Vanessa Ferrari14.0013.3012.7014.20
Lara Mori13.5513.3512.6514.25
Tea Ugrin13.7512.7014.0012.55
Erika Fasana14.0013.8014.55
3. Belgium55.5055.4553.0554.55218.55
Lisa Verschueren13.8513.7513.3514.00
Rune Hermans13.8013.3513.5013.80
Gaelle Mys13.9013.1513.5513.50
Laura Waem13.6014.4512.6513.25
Chindy Vandenhole13.9513.9012.3513.20
Jelle Beullens11.0012.85
4. Spain54.8555.0049.8551.50211.20
Ana Pérez13.8513.7513.3012.75
Nora Fernández13.9013.1512.4513.05
Claudia Colom13.6013.3012.1012.90
Paula Raya13.3513.4511.7512.80
Natalia Ros13.5012.9512.0011.70
Roxana Popa14.50

1.Larissa Iordache5.815.006.314.856.515.306.014.6059.75
2.Carlotta Ferlito5.314.255.513.456.014.605.514.0056.30
3.Elisa Meneghini5.314.455.413.055.614.205.714.4056.10
4.Diana Bulimar5.014.105.712.905.714.255.714.3555.60
5.Enus Mariani5.013.955.814.105.313.855.313.4555.35
6.Lisa Verschueren5.013.855.513.755.313.355.514.0054.95
7.Laura Jurca5.814.805.312.205.513.855.713.8054.65
8.Jessica López14.7514.6012.8512.4554.65
9.Ana Maria Ocolișan5.814.705.612.855.613.455.613.6054.60
10.Rune Hermans5.013.805.513.355.413.505.513.8054.45
11.Vanessa Ferrari5.014.005.613.305.212.705.814.2054.20
12.Gaelle Mys5.013.905.113.155.613.555.413.5054.10
13.Laura Waem5.013.606.114.455.512.654.713.2553.95
14.Lara Mori5.013.555.613.355.212.655.714.2553.80
15.Ana Pérez5.013.855.713.755.213.305.512.7553.65
16.Chindy Vandenhole5.013.955.813.905.112.355.013.2053.40
17.Tea Ugrin5.013.755.812.705.614.005.412.5553.00
18.Silvia Zarzu5.814.355.012.155.513.305.612.8552.65
19.Nora Fernández5.013.905.
20.Claudia Colom5.013.605.813.305.
21.Paula Raya5.013.355.313.455.011.754.912.8051.35
22.Natalia Ros5.013.505.912.955.212.004.811.7050.15
23.Erika Fasana5.014.005.813.805.814.5542.35
24.Andreea Iridon5.713.855.712.9026.75
25.Jelle Beullens5.111.004.712.8523.85
26.Roxana Popa6.014.5014.50
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